Unofficial Holidays

01/01/2022Global Family DayUSA
01/01/2022National Bloody Mary DayUSA
01/02/2022National Science Fiction Day in the USAUSA
01/02/2022National Cream Puff DayUSA
01/03/2022National Chocolate Covered Cherry DayUSA
01/03/2022National Drinking Straw DayUSA
01/04/2022National Spaghetti DayUSA
01/05/2022National Whipped Cream DayUSA
01/06/2022National Shortbread DayUSA
01/08/2022National English Toffee DayUSA
01/09/2022National Apricot DayUSA
01/09/2022National Cassoulet DayUSA
01/10/2022National Bittersweet Chocolate DayUSA
01/11/2022National Hot Toddy DayUSA
01/12/2022National Marzipan DayUSA
01/13/2022National Peach Melba DayUSA
01/14/2022National Hot Pastrami Sandwich DayUSA
01/15/2022National Strawberry Ice Cream DayUSA
01/15/2022National Booch DayUSA
01/16/2022National Fig Newton DayUSA
01/16/2022National Nothing Day in the USAUSA
01/17/2022National Hot Buttered Rum DayUSA
01/18/2022National Peking Duck DayUSA
01/19/2022National Popcorn DayUSA
01/20/2022National Cheese Lovers DayUSA
01/21/2022National New England Clam Chowder DayUSA
01/21/2022National Hugging DayUSA
01/22/2022National Blond Brownie DayUSA
01/23/2022National Pie DayUSA
01/24/2022National Peanut Butter DayUSA, United Kingdom
01/25/2022National Irish Coffee DayUSA
01/26/2022National Peanut Brittle DayUSA
01/27/2022National Chocolate Cake DayUSA
01/28/2022National Blueberry Pancake DayUSA
01/29/2022National Corn Chip DayUSA
01/30/2022National Croissant DayUSA
01/31/2022Backward DayUSA
01/31/2022National Brandy Alexander DayUSA
01/31/2022Inspire Your Heart with Art DayUSA
02/01/2022National Baked Alaska DayUSA
02/01/2022National Cake Pop DayUSA
02/02/2022National Heavenly Hash DayUSA
02/02/2022National Tater Tot DayUSA
02/03/2022National Carrot Cake DayUSA
02/04/2022National Homemade Soup DayUSA
02/05/2022National Chocolate Fondue DayUSA
02/06/2022National Chopsticks DayUSA
02/07/2022National Fettuccine Alfredo DayUSA
02/08/2022National Molasses Bar DayUSA
02/09/2022National Bagel and Lox DayUSA
02/10/2022National Cream Cheese Brownie DayUSA
02/11/2022National Peppermint Patty DayUSA
02/12/2022National Plum Pudding DayUSA
02/13/2022Get a Different Name DayUSA
02/13/2022National Tortellini DayUSA
02/14/2022National Cream-Filled Chocolates DayUSA
02/15/2022National Gumdrops DayUSA
02/15/2022National I Want Butterscotch DayUSA
02/16/2022Do a Grouch a Favor DayUSA
02/16/2022National Almond DayUSA
02/17/2022National Café au Lait DayUSA
02/17/2022Random Acts of Kindness Day in the USAUSA
02/18/2022National Crab Stuffed Flounder DayUSA
02/18/2022National Battery DayUSA
02/19/2022National Chocolate Mint DayUSA
02/20/2022National Cherry Pie DayUSA
02/20/2022National Love Your Pet DayUSA
02/21/2022National Sticky Bun DayUSA
02/22/2022National Margarita DayUSA
02/23/2022National Banana Bread DayUSA
02/24/2022National Tortilla Chips DayUSA
02/25/2022National Chocolate Covered Nuts DayUSA
02/25/2022National Clam Chowder DayUSA
02/26/2022Tell a Fairy Tale DayUSA
02/26/2022National Pistachio DayUSA
02/27/2022National Strawberry DayUSA
02/28/2022National Chocolate Soufflé DayUSA
02/28/2022National Public Sleeping DayUSA
02/28/2022National Tooth Fairy DayUSA
03/01/2022National Pig DayUSA
03/01/2022National Peanut Butter Lover's DayUSA
03/02/2022National Banana Cream Pie DayUSA
03/03/2022National Cold Cuts DayUSA
03/03/2022National Canadian Bacon DayUSA
03/04/2022Hug a G.I. DayUSA
03/04/2022National Pound Cake DayUSA
03/04/2022National Snack DayUSA
03/05/2022National Cheese Doodle DayUSA
03/05/2022National Absinthe DayUSA
03/06/2022National Frozen Food Day in the USAUSA
03/06/2022National Oreo Cookie DayUSA
03/06/2022National White Chocolate Cheesecake DayUSA
03/07/2022National Cereal DayUSA
03/08/2022National Peanut Cluster DayUSA
03/09/2022Panic DayUSA
03/09/2022National Crab Meat DayUSA
03/09/2022National Meatball DayUSA
03/10/2022National Blueberry Popover DayUSA
03/11/2022National Oatmeal Nut Waffles DayUSA
03/12/2022National Baked Scallops DayUSA
03/13/2022K9 Veterans DayUSA
03/13/2022National Coconut Torte DayUSA
03/14/2022National Potato Chip DayUSA
03/14/2022Steak & BJ DayUSA
03/15/2022National Pears Hélène DayUSA
03/16/2022Saint Urho's DayUSA, Canada, Finland
03/16/2022National Artichoke Hearts DayUSA
03/17/2022National Corned Beef and Cabbage DayUSA
03/18/2022National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie DayUSA
03/19/2022National Chocolate Caramel DayUSA
03/20/2022National Ravioli DayUSA
03/21/2022National French Bread DayUSA
03/22/2022National Bavarian Crepes DayUSA
03/23/2022National Chip and Dip DayUSA
03/24/2022National Chocolate Covered Raisins DayUSA
03/25/2022National Lobster Newburg DayUSA
03/26/2022National Spinach DayUSA
03/27/2022National Spanish Paella DayUSA
03/28/2022National Black Forest Cake DayUSA
03/29/2022National Lemon Chiffon Cake DayUSA
03/30/2022National Turkey Neck Soup DayUSA
03/30/2022National Take a Walk in the Park DayUSA
03/30/2022National Pencil DayUSA
03/31/2022National Clams on the Half Shell DayUSA
04/01/2022National Sourdough Bread DayUSA
04/02/2022National Peanut Butter and Jelly DayUSA
04/03/2022Tweed DayUSA
04/03/2022National Chocolate Mousse DayUSA
04/04/2022404 DayUSA
04/04/2022National Cordon Bleu DayUSA
04/05/2022National Raisin and Spice Bar DayUSA
04/06/2022National Caramel Popcorn DayUSA
04/06/2022New Beer’s Eve in the United StatesUSA
04/07/2022National Beer Day in the USAUSA
04/07/2022National Coffee Cake DayUSA
04/07/2022National Burrito DayUSA
04/08/2022National Empanada DayUSA
04/09/2022National Chinese Almond Cookie DayUSA
04/10/2022National Cinnamon Crescent DayUSA
04/11/2022National Cheese Fondue DayUSA
04/12/2022National Grilled Cheese Sandwich DayUSA
04/13/2022National Peach Cobbler DayUSA
04/14/2022National Pecan DayUSA
04/15/2022National Glazed Spiral Ham DayUSA
04/16/2022National Eggs Benedict DayUSA
04/17/2022National Cheeseball DayUSA
04/18/2022National Animal Crackers DayUSA
04/19/2022National Amaretto DayUSA
04/19/2022National Rice Ball DayUSA
04/19/2022National Garlic DayUSA
04/20/2022National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake DayUSA
04/21/2022National Chocolate Covered Cashew DayUSA
04/22/2022National Jelly Bean DayUSA
04/23/2022National Cherry Cheesecake DayUSA
04/24/2022National Pigs in a Blanket DayUSA
04/25/2022National Zucchini Bread DayUSA
04/26/2022National Pretzel DayUSA
04/27/2022National Prime Rib DayUSA
04/28/2022National Blueberry Pie DayUSA
04/29/2022National Shrimp Scampi DayUSA
04/30/2022National Oatmeal Cookie DayUSA
05/01/2022National Chocolate Parfait DayUSA
05/02/2022National Truffle DayUSA
05/03/2022National Raspberry Popover DayUSA
05/04/2022National Candied Orange Peel DayUSA
05/04/2022National Orange Juice DayUSA
05/05/2022National Hoagie DayUSA
05/06/2022National Crêpes Suzette DayUSA
05/06/2022National Beverage DayUSA
05/07/2022Free Comic Book Day in the USAUSA
05/07/2022National Roast Leg of Lamb DayUSA
05/08/2022National Coconut Cream Pie DayUSA
05/08/2022National Have a Coke DayUSA
05/09/2022National Moscato DayUSA
05/10/2022National Shrimp DayUSA
05/11/2022National Eat What You Want DayUSA
05/11/2022National Twilight Zone Day in the USAUSA
05/12/2022National Nutty Fudge DayUSA
05/13/2022National Apple Pie DayUSA
05/14/2022National Buttermilk Biscuit DayUSA
05/15/2022National Chocolate Chip DayUSA
05/16/2022National Coquilles St. Jacques DayUSA
05/16/2022National Barbecue DayUSA
05/16/2022National Mimosa DayUSA
05/17/2022National Cherry Cobbler DayUSA
05/17/2022National Walnut DayUSA
05/18/2022National Cheese Soufflé DayUSA
05/19/2022National Devil's Food Cake DayUSA
05/20/2022National Quiche Lorraine DayUSA
05/20/2022National Pizza Party DayUSA
05/20/2022National Streaming DayUSA
05/21/2022National Strawberries and Cream DayUSA
05/22/2022National Vanilla Pudding DayUSA
05/22/2022National Craft Distillery DayUSA
05/22/2022National Solitaire DayUSA
05/23/2022National Taffy DayUSA
05/24/2022National Escargot DayUSA
05/25/2022National Wine DayUSA
05/26/2022National Paper Airplane Day in the USAUSA
05/26/2022National Blueberry Cheesecake DayUSA
05/27/2022National Grape Popsicle DayUSA
05/27/2022National Italian Beef DayUSA
05/28/2022National Brisket DayUSA
05/28/2022National Hamburger DayUSA
05/29/2022National Coq Au Vin DayUSA
05/30/2022National Mint Julep DayUSA
05/31/2022National Macaroon DayUSA
06/01/2022National Hazelnut Cake DayUSA
06/02/2022National Rocky Road DayUSA
06/02/2022National Rotisserie Chicken DayUSA
06/02/2022National Moonshine DayUSA
06/03/2022National Doughnut Day in the USAUSA
06/03/2022National Egg DayUSA
06/03/2022National Chocolate Macaroon DayUSA
06/04/2022National Cheese DayUSA
06/04/2022Hug Your Cat DayUSA
06/04/2022National Cognac DayUSA
06/05/2022National Gingerbread DayUSA
06/06/2022National Applesauce Cake DayUSA
06/06/2022National Yo-Yo DayUSA
06/07/2022National Chocolate Ice Cream DayUSA
06/08/2022National Jelly-Filled Doughnut DayUSA
06/08/2022National Best Friend DayUSA
06/09/2022National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie DayUSA
06/10/2022National Iced Tea DayUSA
06/10/2022National Egg Roll DayUSA
06/10/2022National Herbs and Spices DayUSA
06/10/2022National Black Cow DayUSA
06/11/2022National German Chocolate Cake DayUSA
06/11/2022National Rosé DayUSA
06/11/2022National Corn on the Cob DayUSA
06/12/2022National Peanut Butter Cookie DayUSA
06/12/2022National Jerky DayUSA
06/13/2022National Kitchen Klutzes of America DayUSA
06/14/2022National Strawberry Shortcakes DayUSA
06/14/2022National Bourbon DayUSA
06/15/2022National Lobster DayUSA
06/16/2022National Fudge DayUSA
06/17/2022National Apple Strudel DayUSA
06/18/2022National Cherry Tart DayUSA
06/19/2022National Martini DayUSA
06/20/2022National Vanilla Milkshake DayUSA
06/20/2022National Ice Cream Soda DayUSA
06/20/2022National Kouign Amann DayUSA
06/21/2022National Smoothie DayUSA
06/21/2022National Peaches and Cream DayUSA
06/21/2022National Selfie DayUSA
06/22/2022National Onion Ring DayUSA
06/22/2022National Chocolate Éclair DayUSA
06/23/2022National Pecan Sandy DayUSA
06/24/2022National Pralines DayUSA
06/25/2022Leon Day in the USAUSA
06/25/2022National Strawberry Parfait DayUSA
06/26/2022National Chocolate Pudding DayUSA
06/26/2022National Coconut DayUSA
06/27/2022National Orange Blossom DayUSA
06/27/2022National Ice Cream Cake DayUSA
06/27/2022National Onion DayUSA
06/28/2022National Tapioca DayUSA
06/29/2022National Almond Buttercrunch DayUSA
06/29/2022National Waffle Iron DayUSA
06/30/2022National Bomb Pop DayUSA
07/01/2022National Gingersnap DayUSA
07/01/2022National Creative Ice Cream Flavors DayUSA
07/02/2022National Anisette DayUSA
07/03/2022National Eat Beans DayUSA
07/03/2022National Chocolate Wafer DayUSA
07/04/2022National Barbecued Spareribs DayUSA
07/04/2022National Caesar Salad DayUSA
07/05/2022National Apple Turnover DayUSA
07/05/2022National Graham Cracker DayUSA
07/05/2022National Workaholics Day in the United StatesUSA
07/05/2022National Bikini Day in the United StatesUSA
07/06/2022National Fried Chicken DayUSA
07/06/2022National Hand Roll DayUSA
07/07/2022National Strawberry Sundae DayUSA
07/07/2022National Macaroni DayUSA
07/07/2022National Dive Bar Day in the United StatesUSA
07/08/2022National Milk Chocolate with Almonds DayUSA
07/08/2022Kebab DayUSA
07/09/2022National Sugar Cookie DayUSA
07/10/2022National Piña Colada DayUSA, Puerto Rico
07/11/2022National Blueberry Muffin DayUSA
07/11/2022National Mojito DayUSA
07/12/2022National Pecan Pie DayUSA
07/12/2022Paper Bag DayUSA
07/12/2022National Different Colored Eyes DayUSA
07/13/2022National French Fries DayUSA
07/14/2022National Grand Marnier DayUSA
07/14/2022National Nude Day in the USAUSA
07/14/2022National Mac and Cheese DayUSA
07/15/2022National Tapioca Pudding DayUSA
07/15/2022Orange Chicken DayUSA
07/15/2022National Gummy Worm DayUSA
07/16/2022National Corn Fritter DayUSA
07/16/2022Guinea Pig Appreciation DayUSA
07/16/2022Fresh Spinach DayUSA
07/16/2022National Cherry DayUnited Kingdom, USA
07/17/2022National Peach Ice Cream DayUSA
07/17/2022National Ice Cream DayUSA
07/18/2022National Caviar DayUSA
07/19/2022National Daiquiri DayUSA
07/20/2022National Lollipop DayUSA
07/20/2022National Hot Dog Day in the USAUSA
07/20/2022National Fortune Cookie DayUSA
07/21/2022National Junk Food DayUSA
07/22/2022National Penuche Fudge DayUSA
07/22/2022National Mango DayIndia, USA
07/22/2022National Hammock DayUSA
07/23/2022National Vanilla Ice Cream DayUSA
07/23/2022Peanut Butter and Chocolate DayUSA
07/23/2022Sprinkle DayUSA
07/24/2022National Tequila DayUSA
07/25/2022National Hot Fudge Sundae DayUSA
07/25/2022National Wine and Cheese DayUSA
07/25/2022National Merry-Go-Round DayUSA
07/26/2022National Coffee Milkshake DayUSA
07/27/2022National Scotch DayUSA
07/27/2022National Crème Brûlée DayUSA
07/28/2022National Milk Chocolate DayUSA
07/28/2022National Chili Dog DayUSA
07/29/2022National Lasagna DayUSA
07/29/2022National Chicken Wing DayUSA
07/30/2022National Cheesecake DayUSA
07/31/2022National Raspberry Cake DayUSA
07/31/2022National Avocado DayUSA
08/01/2022National Raspberry Cream Pie DayUSA
08/01/2022National Girlfriends DayUSA
08/02/2022National Ice Cream Sandwich DayUSA
08/03/2022National Watermelon DayUSA
08/04/2022National Chocolate Chip DayUSA
08/04/2022National Champagne DayUSA
08/04/2022National White Wine DayUSA
08/04/2022National IPA DayUSA
08/05/2022National Underwear DayUSA
08/05/2022National Oyster DayUSA
08/05/2022National Couscous DayUSA
08/05/2022National Water Balloon DayUSA
08/06/2022National Root Beer Float DayUSA
08/06/2022National Mustard DayUSA
08/06/2022National Mead DayUSA
08/06/2022National Jamaican Patty DayUSA
08/06/2022Sandcastle DayUSA
08/07/2022National Sea Serpent DayUSA
08/08/2022National Frozen Custard DayUSA
08/08/2022National Mochi DayUSA
08/09/2022National Rice Pudding DayUSA
08/10/2022National S'mores DayUSA
08/11/2022National Raspberry Tart DayUSA
08/11/2022National Face Mask DayUSA
08/12/2022National Julienne Fries DayUSA
08/13/2022National Filet Mignon DayUSA
08/13/2022National Prosecco DayUSA
08/13/2022National Bowling DayUSA
08/14/2022National Creamsicle DayUSA
08/15/2022National Lemon Meringue Pie DayUSA
08/16/2022National Rum DayUSA
08/16/2022National Roller Coaster DayUSA
08/17/2022National Vanilla Custard DayUSA
08/17/2022National Thrift Shop DayUSA
08/18/2022National Ice Cream Pie DayUSA
08/18/2022National Fajita DayUSA
08/19/2022National Soft Ice Cream DayUSA
08/19/2022National Potato DayUSA
08/20/2022National Chocolate Pecan Pie DayUSA
08/21/2022National Spumoni DayUSA
08/22/2022National Take Your Cat to the Vet DayUSA
08/22/2022National Eat a Peach DayUSA
08/22/2022National Pecan Torte DayUSA
08/22/2022National Bao DayUSA
08/22/2022National Tooth Fairy DayUSA
08/23/2022National Sponge Cake DayUSA
08/23/2022National Cuban Sandwich DayUSA
08/24/2022National Peach Pie DayUSA
08/24/2022National Waffle Day in the USUSA
08/25/2022National Banana Split DayUSA
08/25/2022National Whiskey Sour DayUSA
08/26/2022National Cherry Popsicle DayUSA
08/26/2022National Toilet Paper Day in the United StatesUSA
08/27/2022National Petroleum DayUSA
08/27/2022National Banana Lovers DayUSA
08/28/2022National Bow Tie DayUSA
08/28/2022National Cherry Turnover DayUSA
08/28/2022National Red Wine DayUSA
08/29/2022National Lemon Juice DayUSA
08/29/2022National Chop Suey DayUSA
08/29/2022More Herbs, Less Salt DayUSA
08/30/2022National Toasted Marshmallow DayUSA
08/31/2022National Trail Mix DayUSA
09/01/2022National Cherry Popover DayUSA
09/01/2022National Acne Positivity DayUSA
09/02/2022National Blueberry Popsicle DayUSA
09/02/2022National Chianti DayUSA
09/03/2022International Bacon DayUSA
09/03/2022National Welsh Rarebit DayUSA
09/03/2022National Skyscraper DayUSA
09/04/2022National Macadamia Nut DayUSA
09/04/2022National Newspaper Carrier Day in the USAUSA
09/05/2022National Cheese Pizza DayUSA
09/05/2022National Cellulite DayUSA
09/06/2022National Coffee Ice Cream DayUSA
09/07/2022National Acorn Squash DayUSA
09/07/2022National Salami Day in the USAUSA
09/07/2022National Beer Lovers DayUSA
09/08/2022National Date Nut Bread DayUSA
09/09/2022National Wiener Schnitzel DayUSA
09/09/2022Steak Au Poivre DayUSA
09/10/2022National TV Dinner DayUSA
09/11/2022National Hot Cross Buns DayUSA
09/12/2022National Chocolate Milkshake DayUSA
09/12/2022National Video Games DayUSA
09/13/2022National Peanut DayUSA
09/14/2022National Cream-Filled Doughnut DayUSA
09/14/2022National Eat a Hoagie DayUSA
09/15/2022National Crème de Menthe DayUSA
09/15/2022National Double Cheeseburger DayUSA
09/15/2022National Cheese Toast DayUSA
09/16/2022National Guacamole DayUSA
09/17/2022National Apple Dumpling DayUSA
09/18/2022National Cheeseburger DayUSA
09/19/2022National Butterscotch Pudding DayUSA
09/20/2022National Punch DayUSA
09/20/2022National Queso DayUSA
09/20/2022National Fried Rice DayUSA
09/20/2022National String Cheese DayUSA
09/21/2022National Pecan Cookie DayUSA
09/21/2022National Chai DayUSA
09/22/2022National White Chocolate DayUSA
09/22/2022National Ice Cream Cone DayUSA
09/23/2022National Great American Pot Pie DayUSA
09/23/2022National Apple Cider Vinegar DayUSA
09/24/2022National Cherries Jubilee DayUSA
09/25/2022National Comic Book Day in the USAUSA
09/25/2022National Crab Meat Newburg DayUSA
09/25/2022National Quesadilla DayUSA
09/25/2022National Lobster DayUSA
09/26/2022National Pancake DayUSA
09/26/2022National Chimichanga DayUSA
09/27/2022National Corned Beef Hash DayUSA
09/27/2022National Chocolate Milk DayUSA
09/28/2022National Strawberry Cream Pie DayUSA
09/28/2022Ask a Stupid Question DayUSA
09/29/2022National Mocha DayUSA
09/29/2022National Biscotti DayUSA
09/30/2022National Hot Mulled Cider DayUSA
09/30/2022National Chewing Gum DayUSA
10/01/2022National Homemade Cookies DayUSA
10/01/2022National Pumpkin Spice DayUSA
10/02/2022National Fried Scallops DayUSA
10/03/2022National Caramel Custard DayUSA
10/03/2022National Boyfriend DayUSA
10/04/2022National Taco DayUSA
10/04/2022National Vodka Day in the USAUSA
10/05/2022National Apple Betty DayUSA
10/06/2022National Noodle DayUSA
10/07/2022National Frappé DayUSA
10/07/2022National Orange Wine DayUSA
10/08/2022National Fluffernutter DayUSA
10/09/2022National Moldy Cheese DayUSA
10/10/2022National Angel Food Cake DayUSA
10/11/2022National Sausage Pizza DayUSA
10/12/2022National Gumbo DayUSA
10/13/2022National Yorkshire Pudding DayUSA
10/14/2022National Dessert DayUSA
10/15/2022National Mushroom DayUSA
10/15/2022National Shawarma DayCanada, USA
10/16/2022National Liqueur DayUSA
10/17/2022National Pasta DayUSA
10/18/2022National Chocolate Cupcake DayUSA
10/19/2022National Seafood Bisque DayUSA
10/20/2022National Brandied Fruit DayUSA
10/21/2022National Pumpkin Cheesecake DayUSA
10/21/2022International Day of the NachoUSA, Mexico
10/22/2022National Nut DayUSA
10/23/2022National Boston Cream Pie DayUSA
10/24/2022National Bologna DayUSA
10/25/2022National Greasy Foods DayUSA
10/26/2022National Mincemeat DayUSA
10/26/2022National Pumpkin DayUSA
10/27/2022National American Beer DayUSA
10/27/2022Navy Day in the United StatesUSA
10/28/2022National Chocolate DayUSA
10/29/2022National Oatmeal DayUSA
10/30/2022National Candy Corn DayUSA
10/30/2022Mischief NightUSA, Canada, United Kingdom
10/31/2022National Caramel Apple DayUSA
11/01/2022National Vinegar DayUSA
11/02/2022National Deviled Egg DayUSA
11/03/2022National Sandwich DayUSA
11/04/2022National Candy DayUSA
11/05/2022National Doughnut Appreciation DayUSA
11/06/2022National Nachos DayUSA
11/07/2022National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds DayUSA
11/08/2022National Cappuccino DayUSA
11/09/2022National Scrapple DayUSA
11/10/2022National Vanilla Cupcake DayUSA
11/11/2022National Sundae DayUSA
11/12/2022National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies DayUSA
11/13/2022National Indian Pudding DayUSA
11/14/2022National Pickle DayUSA
11/15/2022National Raisin Bran Cereal DayUSA
11/15/2022Sadie Hawkins DayUSA
11/16/2022National Fast Food DayUSA
11/17/2022Homemade Bread DayUSA
11/18/2022National Vichyssoise DayUSA
11/19/2022National Carbonated Beverage With Caffeine DayUSA
11/20/2022National Peanut Butter Fudge DayUSA
11/21/2022National Stuffing DayUSA
11/22/2022National Cranberry Relish DayUSA
11/23/2022National Espresso DayUSA
11/24/2022Win Friends and Influence People Day in the USAUSA
11/24/2022National Sardines DayUSA
11/25/2022National Parfait DayUSA
11/25/2022Black FridayUSA
11/26/2022National Cake DayUSA
11/27/2022National Bavarian Cream Pie DayUSA
11/28/2022National French Toast DayUSA
11/29/2022National Lemon Cream Pie DayUSA
11/30/2022National Mousse DayUSA
12/01/2022Eat a Red Apple DayUSA
12/02/2022National Fritters DayUSA
12/02/2022National Skip School DayUSA
12/03/2022National Peppermint Latte DayUSA
12/04/2022National Cookie DayUSA
12/05/2022National Sachertorte DayUSA
12/05/2022Repeal Day in the United StatesUSA
12/06/2022National Gazpacho DayUSA
12/07/2022National Cotton Candy DayUSA
12/08/2022National Brownie DayUSA
12/09/2022National Pastry DayUSA
12/10/2022National Lager DayUSA
12/11/2022National Noodle Ring DayUSA
12/12/2022National Ambrosia DayUSA
12/13/2022National Cocoa DayUSA
12/14/2022National Bouillabaisse DayUSA
12/15/2022National (Lemon) Cupcake DayUSA
12/16/2022National Chocolate Covered Anything DayUSA
12/17/2022National Maple Syrup DayUSA, Canada
12/18/2022National Roast Suckling Pig DayUSA
12/19/2022National Oatmeal Muffin DayUSA
12/20/2022National Sangria DayUSA
12/21/2022National French Fried Shrimp DayUSA
12/22/2022National Date Nut Bread DayUSA
12/23/2022National Pfeffernuesse DayUSA
12/24/2022National Egg Nog DayUSA
12/25/2022National Pumpkin Pie DayUSA
12/26/2022National Candy Cane DayUSA
12/27/2022National Fruitcake DayUSA
12/28/2022National Chocolate Candy DayUSA
12/29/2022National Pepper Pot DayUSA
12/30/2022National Bicarbonate of Soda DayUSA
12/31/2022National Champagne DayUSA
12/31/2022First Night in the USAUSA

Cultural Observances

01/01/2022KwanzaaUSA, Canada
01/13/2022Korean American DayUSA
01/23/2022National Handwriting DayUSA
03/02/2022Read Across America DayUSA
03/04/2022National Grammar Day in the United StatesUSA
04/06/2022Tartan DayCanada, USA, United Kingdom, Argentina
04/10/2022Siblings Day in the USAUSA
04/14/2022Pan American DayHonduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Uruguay, USA
04/15/2022American Sign Language DayUSA, Canada
04/25/2022DNA Day in the USAUSA
04/28/2022National Superhero DayUSA
05/01/2022Lei Day in HawaiiUSA
05/04/2022Dave Brubeck Day in the United StatesUSA
05/05/2022Cinco de MayoUSA, Mexico
05/25/2022National Tap Dance Day in the USAUSA
06/06/2022National Higher Education Day in the United StatesUSA
06/11/2022Kamehameha Day in HawaiiUSA
06/26/2022National Canoe DayCanada, USA
07/04/2022National Tom Sawyer DaysUSA
07/30/2022National Dance Day in the USAUSA
08/11/2022Hip Hop Celebration Day in the United StatesUSA
08/12/2022National Vinyl Record DayUSA
08/20/2022National Radio Day in the United StatesUSA
09/06/2022National Read a Book DayUSA
09/17/2022Von Steuben DayUSA
09/17/2022National Gymnastics DayUSA
09/24/2022National Punctuation Day in the USAUSA
10/06/2022German-American DayUSA
10/09/2022National Nanotechnology Day in the USAUSA
11/09/2022Go to an Art Museum DayUSA
12/26/2022KwanzaaUSA, Canada
12/27/2022KwanzaaUSA, Canada
12/28/2022KwanzaaUSA, Canada
12/29/2022KwanzaaUSA, Canada
12/30/2022KwanzaaUSA, Canada
12/31/2022KwanzaaUSA, Canada

Ecological Observances

01/05/2022National Bird Day in the USAUSA
02/02/2022Marmot Day in AlaskaUSA
02/22/2022National Wildlife DayUSA
03/01/2022National Horse Protection Day (World Horse Day)USA
03/11/2022Johnny Appleseed Day in the USAUSA
03/23/2022National Puppy Day in the United StatesUSA
04/29/2022National Arbor Day in the USAUSA
05/04/2022Bird Day in the USAUSA
05/06/2022National Public Gardens DayUSA
05/20/2022National Rescue Dog Day in the United StatesUSA
06/04/2022National Prairie Day in the United StatesUSA
06/04/2022National Trails Day in the United StatesUSA
06/15/2022National Megalodon Day in the United StatesUSA
06/25/2022National Catfish Day in the USAUSA
08/08/2022National Tarantula Appreciation DayUSA
08/09/2022Smokey Bear’s Birthday in the United StatesUSA
08/17/2022National Black Cat Appreciation DayUSA
08/20/2022National Honey Bee DayUSA
08/30/2022National Beach DayUSA
09/03/2022National Hummingbird DayUSA
09/04/2022National Wildlife DayUSA
09/10/2022Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup DayUSA
09/17/2022National Cleanup Day in the USAUSA
09/17/2022National Pet Bird DayUSA
09/24/2022National Public Lands DayUSA
09/24/2022National Hunting and Fishing DayUSA
09/26/2022Johnny Appleseed Day in the USAUSA
10/01/2022National Black Dog DayUSA
10/15/2022National Pug DayUSA
11/05/2022National Bison Day in the USUSA
11/15/2022America Recycles DayUSA

Other Observances

01/11/2022National Human Trafficking Awareness DayUSA
02/02/2022National Girls and Women in Sports DayUSA
02/03/2022National Golden Retriever DayUSA
02/04/2022National Wear Red Day in the United StatesUSA
02/17/2022National PTA Founders' Day in the USAUSA
03/20/2022National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness DayUSA
03/21/2022National Rosie the Riveter Day in the United StatesUSA
04/11/2022National Pet DayUSA
04/15/2022Jackie Robinson DayUSA
04/16/2022Emancipation Day in the District of ColumbiaUSA
04/22/2022Girl Scout Leader's DayUSA
04/26/2022National Dissertation DayUSA
04/28/2022Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work DayUSA
04/30/2022Honesty DayUSA
04/30/2022National Bubble Tea DayUSA, Taiwan
05/05/2022National Day of Reason in the USAUSA
05/06/2022Military Spouse Appreciation Day in the USAUSA
05/07/2022National Barrier Awareness Day in the United StatesUSA
05/08/2022Mother's DayAnguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Austria, Aruba, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Belize, Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba, Brazil, Botswana, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Curacao, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Grenada, Greece, Guyana, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan, Jamaica, Liberia, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, Singapore, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Suriname, Tonga, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine, Uganda, USA, Uruguay, Vietnam, Venezuela, Zambia, Zimbabwe
05/08/2022Emancipation Day in MississippiUSA
05/09/2022National Home Front Heroes Day in the United StatesUSA
05/19/2022Hepatitis Testing Day in the USAUSA
05/19/2022National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness DayUSA
05/20/2022Josephine Baker Day in the USAUSA
05/22/2022Harvey Milk Day in the USAUSA
05/29/2022National 529 Day in the United StatesUSA
06/01/2022National Heimlich Maneuver DayUSA
06/04/2022National SAFE Day in the United StatesUSA
06/08/2022National Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness DayUSA
06/12/2022Loving Day in the USAUSA
06/13/2022National Random Acts of Light DayUSA
06/14/2022National Call Your Doctor DayUSA
06/19/2022Father's DayArgentina, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Haiti, Hong Kong, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, USA, Finland, France, Chile, Switzerland, Ecuador, Japan, Afghanistan, Albania, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Curacao, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominica, Ethiopia, Ghana, Greece, Guyana, China, Hungary, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Kuwait, Laos, Macau, Madagascar, Mauritius, Myanmar, Namibia, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Qatar, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Isle of Man, Jersey, Ukraine
06/24/2022Take Your Dog to Work DayUSA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand
06/27/2022National PTSD Awareness Day in the USAUSA
06/27/2022National Sunglasses Day in the United StatesUSA
06/27/2022National Bingo DayUSA, United Kingdom
07/15/2022Social Media Giving DayUSA
07/21/2022National Be Someone DayUSA
07/22/2022National Fragile X Awareness DayUSA
07/24/2022Parents' Day in the USAUSA
07/26/2022National Disability Independence Day in the United StatesUSA
07/30/2022National Whistleblower Appreciation DayUSA
07/30/2022National Support Public Education Day in the United StatesUSA
07/31/2022National Mutt DayUSA
08/02/2022National Night Out in the USAUSA
08/06/2022National Disc Golf DayUSA
08/07/2022National Lighthouse DayUSA
08/08/2022National Pickleball DayUSA
08/22/2022National Rainbow Baby DayUSA
08/26/2022National Dog DayUSA
09/02/2022National Food Bank DayUSA
09/12/2022National Day of Encouragement in the USAUSA
09/13/2022National Celiac Disease Awareness DayUSA
09/16/2022National Concussion Awareness DayUSA
09/18/2022National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness DayUSA
09/23/2022National AFM DayUSA
09/27/2022National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness DayUSA
09/28/2022National Women’s Health & Fitness DayUSA
10/07/2022Lee National Denim Day in the USAUSA
10/08/2022National Pierogi DayUSA
10/08/2022National Chess DayUSA
10/09/2022National Fire Prevention DayUSA, Canada
10/10/2022Indigenous Peoples' DayUSA
10/11/2022National Coming Out DayUSA, Australia, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom
10/13/2022National Herpes Awareness DayUSA
10/15/2022National Latino AIDS Awareness DayAmerican Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, USA
10/15/2022Sweetest Day in the USAUSA
10/19/2022Unity Day in the USAUSA
10/22/2022National Fossil Day in the USAUSA
10/24/2022Food Day in the USAUSA
10/29/2022National Cat DayUSA
10/31/2022Girl Scouts Founders DayUSA
11/01/2022National Brush DayUSA
11/15/2022National Philanthropy DayUSA
11/17/2022Great American SmokeoutUSA
11/19/2022National Adoption DayUSA, Puerto Rico
11/25/2022National Day of ListeningUSA
11/26/2022Small Business SaturdayUSA
11/28/2022Cyber MondayUSA
12/02/2022National Mutt DayUSA

Anniversaries and Memorial Days

01/13/2022Stephen Forster Memorial DayUSA
01/14/2022Ratification Day in the USAUSA
01/16/2022National Religious Freedom Day in the USAUSA
01/17/2022Robert E. Lee DayUSA
01/29/2022Kansas Day in the United StatesUSA
01/30/2022Fred Korematsu Day in the United StatesUSA
02/01/2022National Freedom Day in the USAUSA
02/03/2022Four Chaplains Day in the USAUSA
02/04/2022Rosa Parks DayUSA
02/06/2022Ronald Reagan DayUSA
02/07/2022National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness DayUSA
02/08/2022Scout’s Day in the United StatesUSA
02/12/2022Lincoln's BirthdayUSA
02/12/2022National Freedom to Marry Day in the USAUSA
02/12/2022Georgia Day in the United StatesUSA
02/14/2022Oregon Statehood Day in the United StatesUSA
02/14/2022Arizona Statehood Day in the United StatesUSA
02/15/2022Susan B. Anthony DayUSA
02/16/2022Elizabeth Peratrovich Day in AlaskaUSA
03/02/2022Texas Independence Day in the United StatesUSA
03/10/2022National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in the USAUSA
03/10/2022Harriet Tubman DayUSA
03/17/2022Evacuation Day in MassachusettsUSA
03/25/2022Medal of Honor Day in the United StatesUSA
03/25/2022Maryland Day in the United StatesUSA
03/26/2022Prince Kūhiō Day in HawaiiUSA
03/28/2022Seward’s Day in AlaskaUSA
03/29/2022National Vietnam War Veterans Day in the USAUSA
03/31/2022Cesar Chavez Day in the USAUSA
03/31/2022Thomas Mundy Peterson Day in New JerseyUSA
04/09/2022National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day in the USAUSA
04/12/2022Education and Sharing DayUSA
04/12/2022Halifax Day in North CarolinaUSA
04/13/2022Thomas Jefferson's BirthdayUSA
04/15/2022One Boston DayUSA
04/16/2022National Healthcare Decisions DayUSA
04/17/2022Verrazzano DayUSA, Italy
04/18/2022Patriots’ Day in the United StatesUSA
04/19/2022Dutch-American Friendship DayUSA
04/19/2022National Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day in the United StatesUSA
04/21/2022San Jacinto Day in TexasUSA
04/25/2022Parental Alienation Awareness DayBermuda, Canada, USA
04/25/2022Confederate Memorial Day in the United StatesUSA
05/01/2022Loyalty Day in the USAUSA
05/01/2022Law Day in the USAUSA
05/01/2022Silver Star Service Banner Day in the United StatesUSA
05/05/2022National Day of Prayer in the USAUSA
05/05/2022National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and GirlsUSA, Canada
05/08/2022Truman Day in MissouriUSA
05/11/2022Vietnam Human Rights DayUSA
05/11/2022Minnesota Statehood Day in the United StatesUSA
05/15/2022Peace Officers Memorial Day in the USAUSA
05/19/2022Malcolm X DayUSA
05/20/2022Emancipation Day in FloridaUSA
05/21/2022National American Red Cross Founder’s DayUSA
05/25/2022National Missing Children's Day in the USAUSA
05/29/2022Wisconsin Statehood Day in the United StatesUSA
06/12/2022Pulse Night of RemembranceUSA
06/14/2022Flag Day in the USAUSA
06/14/2022U.S. Army’s BirthdayUSA
06/20/2022West Virginia Day in the United StatesUSA
06/27/2022National HIV Testing Day in the USAUSA
06/27/2022Helen Keller Day in the USAUSA
06/28/20222nd Amendment Day in OklahomaUSA
07/10/2022Wyoming Statehood Day in the United StatesUSA
07/13/2022Nathan Bedford Forrest Day in TennesseeUSA
07/24/2022Pioneer Day in UtahUSA
07/24/2022National Amelia Earhart DayUSA
07/27/2022National Korean War Veterans Armistice DayUSA
07/28/2022Buffalo Soldiers Day in the United StatesUSA
07/31/2022Flag Day in HawaiiUSA
08/01/2022Colorado Statehood Day in the United StatesUSA
08/04/2022Barack Obama Day in IllinoisUSA
08/07/2022National Purple Heart Day in the United StatesUSA
08/08/2022Emancipation Day in Kentucky and TennesseeUSA
08/10/2022Agent Orange Awareness DayUSA
08/14/2022National Navajo Code Talkers Day in the United StatesUSA
08/16/2022Bennington Battle Day in VermontUSA
08/18/2022Virginia Dare’s Birthday on Roanoke IslandUSA
08/19/2022National Aviation Day in the USAUSA
08/26/2022Women’s Equality DayUSA
08/27/2022Lyndon Baines Johnson Day in TexasUSA
09/02/2022Victory over Japan Day in the USAUSA
09/09/2022California Admission Day in the United StatesUSA
09/11/2022Patriot Day in the USAUSA
09/11/2022National Grandparents' DayUSA
09/11/2022Emergency Number DayUSA
09/12/2022Defenders Day in MarylandUSA
09/16/2022National POW/MIA Recognition DayUSA
09/17/2022Constitution Day (Citizenship Day)USA
09/25/2022Gold Star Mother's DayUSA
09/28/2022National Good Neighbor DayUSA
10/01/2022U.S.-ROK Alliance DayUSA
10/03/2022Child Health DayUSA
10/03/2022Frances Xavier Cabrini Day in ColoradoUSA
10/08/2022Confederate Memorial Day in ArkansasUSA
10/09/2022Leif Erikson DayUSA
10/11/2022General Pulaski Memorial DayUSA
10/12/2022Freethought DayUSA
10/15/2022White Cane Safety DayUSA
10/15/2022Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance DayUSA, Canada
10/18/2022Alaska DayUSA
10/28/2022Nevada Day in the United StatesUSA
11/02/2022Statehood Day in North Dakota and South DakotaUSA
11/09/2022World Freedom DayUSA
11/24/2022Unthanksgiving Day / National Day of MourningUSA
11/25/2022Evacuation Day in New York CityUSA
12/01/2022Rosa Parks DayUSA
12/07/2022National Pearl Harbor Remembrance DayUSA
12/11/2022Indiana Day in the United StatesUSA
12/14/2022Alabama Day in the United StatesUSA
12/15/2022Bill of Rights DayUSA
12/15/20222nd Amendment DayUSA
12/17/2022Wright Brothers DayUSA
12/17/2022Pan American Aviation DayUSA
12/18/2022Earl ‘DMX’ Simmons Day in New YorkUSA
12/22/2022Forefathers’ Day in PlymouthUSA

Public Holidays

01/17/2022Martin Luther King Jr. DayUSA, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico
02/21/2022Washington’s Birthday (Presidents’ Day)USA, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Virgin Islands
05/08/2022Victory in Europe DayCzech Republic, France, French Polynesia, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Mayotte, Martinique, New Caledonia, Reunion, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre et Miquelon, Slovakia, Wallis and Futuna, USA
05/30/2022National Memorial Day in the USAUSA, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, American Virgin Islands
06/19/2022Juneteenth National Independence Day in the USAUSA
07/04/2022Independence Day in the USAUSA, American Samoa, American Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico
09/05/2022Labor Day in the USA and CanadaUSA, American Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Palau, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Canada, Bermuda, American Samoa
10/10/2022Columbus Day in the United StatesUSA, American Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico
11/11/2022Veterans DayUSA, American Samoa, Guam, Micronesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, American Virgin Islands
11/24/2022Thanksgiving Day in the USAUSA, American Samoa, American Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico

01/19/2022Confederate Memorial Day in TexasUSA
04/25/2022Confederate Memorial Day in MississippiUSA
05/10/2022Confederate Memorial Day in South and North CarolinaUSA
05/30/2022Confederate Memorial Day in VirginiaUSA
06/03/2022Confederate Memorial Day in Tennessee, Kentucky and LouisianaUSA

Folk Festivals

02/02/2022Groundhog DayUSA, Canada
06/23/2022St John's EveLatvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Brazil, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Austria, Faeroe Islands, Croatia, Germany, Romania, USA
06/24/2022St John's Day (Midsummer)Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Brazil, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Austria, Faeroe Islands, Croatia, Germany, Romania, USA

Professional Days

02/05/2022National Weatherperson's DayUSA
02/11/2022National Inventor's Day in the USAUSA
03/04/2022Employee Appreciation DayCanada, USA
03/06/2022Dentist's Day in the USAUSA
03/12/2022Girl Scout Birthday in the USAUSA
03/30/2022National Doctors' Day in the USAUSA
05/03/2022National Teacher Day in the USAUSA
05/04/2022Occupation Safety and Health Professional Day in the USAUSA
05/05/2022National Astronaut Day in the United StatesUSA
05/06/2022National Nurses Day in the USAUSA
05/08/2022National Student Nurses Day in the United StatesUSA
05/18/2022National Speech Pathologist Day in the United StatesUSA
05/20/2022National Defense Transportation Day in the USAUSA
05/21/2022Armed Forces Day in the USAUSA
05/21/2022National Waitstaff Day in the United StatesUSA
05/22/2022National Maritime Day in the USAUSA
05/24/2022National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day in the United StatesUSA
06/14/2022National Forklift Safety DayUSA
06/22/2022National HVAC Tech Day in the United StatesUSA
06/28/2022National Logistics Day in the United StatesUSA
07/07/2022Aerial Forest Protection Service Day in RussiaUSA
07/23/2022National Day of the CowboyUSA
07/26/2022National Intern Day in the United StatesUSA
08/04/2022Coast Guard DayUSA
08/16/2022National Airborne Day in the USAUSA
08/22/2022National Surgical Oncologist Day in the United StatesUSA
08/25/2022National Park Service Founders Day in the United StatesUSA
08/26/2022National WebMistress Day in the United StatesUSA
09/08/2022National Dog Walker Appreciation DayUSA
09/08/2022National Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses DayUSA
09/12/2022National Police Woman DayUSA
09/15/2022National Neonatal Nurses DayUSA
09/22/2022American Business Women's DayUSA
09/25/2022National Research Administrator DayUSA
10/16/2022Boss's DayCanada, USA
11/10/2022United States Marine Corps BirthdayUSA
11/15/2022National Entrepreneurs’ DayUSA
12/02/2022Bartender Appreciation DayUSA

Religious Holidays

04/15/2022Father Damien Day in HawaiiUSA
12/25/2022ChristmasEland, Albania, American Samoa, Andorra, Angola, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bermuda, Bolivia, Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba, Bosnia Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, British Virgin Island, Brunei, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Colombia, Cook Islands, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, East Timor, El Salvador, Ecuador, Estonia, Eritrea, Falkland Islands, Finland, Fiji, Faeroe Islands, France, French Polynesia, French Guiana, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Grenada, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guam, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Guernsey, Guyana, Vatican City, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Jordan, Jamaica, Kenya, Kiribati, Latvia, Lesotho, Lebanon, Liberia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Madagascar, Malta, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Marshall Islands, Martinique, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mexico, Micronesia, Moldova, Monaco, Montserrat, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nauru, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Niger, Nigeria, Niue, Norfolk Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Norway, Palau, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Pitcairn Islands, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Reunion, Rwanda, Romania, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Helena, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Pierre et Miquelon, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Sint Maarten, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, South Korea, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Spain, Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Syria, Thailand, Tanzania, Togo, Tokelau, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, Tuvalu, Uganda, United Kingdom, USA, Uruguay, American Virgin Islands, Vanuatu, Venezuela, State of Palestine, Wallis and Futuna, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ukraine