Inspire Your Heart with Art Day Date in the current year: January 31, 2019

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, which is celebrated on January 31, is not a legitimate holiday, but it is promoted by various artistic organizations as the day to celebrate all forms of art.

Art has probably existed as long as human civilization. The first artifacts of human art found by archaeologists date back to the Stone Age. Over time, various art forms have developed, including, but not limited to visual arts, performing arts, media arts, literature etc. Generally speaking, the term “art” refers to a wide range of human activities that result in producing works to be appreciated primarily by their aesthetic power.

Seemingly having no practical value, art is appreciated for a variety of reasons. It provides a means to express imagination and creativity, satisfies our basic instinct for harmony and balance. Art is also a form of communication that can be considered a bridge over the language barrier. It can be used for entertainment of therapy, for raising awareness and evoking all sorts of emotions.

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day is a perfect occasion to appreciate all forms of art. To celebrate it, you can visit a museum or an art gallery, watch a play at a local theater, go to a concert or even try your at any form of art you like.

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