National Craft Distillery Day Date in the current year: May 22, 2024

National Craft Distillery Day National Craft Distillery Day is celebrated annually on May 22 to raise awareness of craft distilleries that produce exclusive spirits in small batches, offering a worthy alternative to big brand names.

Craft distilleries, also known as microdistilleries, are small distilleries that produce liquors in relatively small quantities (usually in single batches), as opposed to large distilleries where the distilling process is continuous.

Although the terms “microdistillery” and “craft distillery” are relatively recent, small distilleries have existed in Europe for centuries. In France, for example, small cognac distilleries supplied major cognac houses, and in Scotland small distilleries produced single malt whisky for the blended malt whisky market.

The modern craft distilling movement grew out of the microbrewing movement that began in the United Kingdom and quickly spread to the United States in the 1970s. Although the terms “microbrewing” and “microdistilling” originally referred exclusively to the size of breweries and distilleries, they gradually came to describe an alternative approach to producing alcoholic beverages that allows for more flexibility and experimentation.

Although craft distilleries aren’t quite as well-known as microbreweries or small wineries, their popularity has been growing steadily over the past couple of decades. This became possible due to countries relaxing government restrictions on the production of spirits. Some microdistilleries were established by craft breweries or wineries that were seeking to expand their operations or by farm owners, but some of the newer craft distilleries focus solely on spirits.

The American Craft Spirits Association states that a craft distillery is one that is independently owned and operated, produces fewer than 750,000 gallons per year, and is transparent regarding its ingredients, distilling and bottling process and location, and its aging process.

Some of the most popular liquors produced by microdistilleries include plain and flavored vodka, gin, brandy, and absinthe. Small scale production allows craft distilleries to experiment with new flavors and techniques, as well as to produce exotic spirits that are typically considered niche products.

According to statistics provided by the American Distilling Institute, there were only 50 microdistilleries in the United States in 2005, but their number had increased to over 2,000 by 2019. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on the microdistilling movement due to the closure of bars and pubs, inhibiting the steady growth of microdistilleries.

Founded in 2019, National Craft Distillery Day was launched by N Scott Distillery based in Las Vegas. The date of the holiday, May 22, was chosen to commemorate the distillery’s founding anniversary. The main goals of National Craft Distillery Day are to recognize the growing craft distillery movement and popularize handicraft spirits. On the occasion of the holiday, craft distilleries throughout the United States unveil new products and offer various promotions.

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