National TV Dinner Day Date in the current year: September 10, 2024

National TV Dinner Day The National TV Dinner Day is celebrated on September 10 throughout the United States. A TV dinner is a prepackaged chilled or frozen meal that requires very little preparation. It usually comes as a single-serving meal.

The original TV dinner was developed in 1953 by Swanson. Its full name was TV Brand Frozen Dinner. The meal consisted of turkey, sweet potatoes, frozen peas, and cornbread dressing. It was packaged in an aluminum tray where each item occupied its own compartment. The tray could be heated in the oven.

In 1962, Swanson stopped using the name “TV dinner”. The term has become a generalized trademark since then, it refers to any prepackaged dinner. The synonymous terms are ready meal, ready-made meal, microwave meal, frozen meal.

A typical TV dinner usually includes meat (typically chicken or beef), vegetables (potatoes, carrots, peas, corn) and sometimes a dessert, such as an apple cobbler or brownie. It may also contain fish or pasta as the entrée and rice as the side item. Modern TV dinners are usually packed in a plastic tray and can be heated in the microwave oven.

The National TV Dinner Day is the perfect excuse to take a break from cooking. You can buy prepackaged meals for your family and have a relaxing evening.

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