National Black Forest Cake Day Date in the current year: March 28, 2019

National Black Forest Cake Day Black Forest cake is German speciality, that is known around the world. Celebrate National Black Forest Cake Day on March 28 with a big piece of this cake.

Black Forest cake originated in the Black Forest region of southern Germany. It's mostly known for sour Morello cherries and Kirsch, or Kirschwasser, a double-distilled cherry brandy made of them. Black Forest cake is made with these cherries and Kirsch and this dessert is a part of traditional repertoire.

You may be surprised, but Black Forest cake evolved from a dessert that consisted of cooked cherries, cream, biscuit and Kirsch. Eventually all of these were combined in a perfect torte (German for cake), that we know today.

Black Forest cake in America is more family friendly that is why it is made without alcohol. But in Germany Kirsch is a mandatory ingredient. If cake is made without it, then it can't be sold under its original name.

If you want to make Black Forest cake, then try a “simplified” version of it. Slice a chocolate pound cake or brownie, top each slice with red sour cherry topping, add whipped cream atop and on the sides. Serve your cake with a liquor glass of Kirsch. But if you want a real Black Forest cake, then you need to go to your local bakery. Whatever you chose, don't forget about Kirsch!

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