National Handwriting Day Date in the current year: January 23, 2024

National Handwriting Day January 23 is National Handwriting Day that was launched by Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA). This observance was created to remind people about the importance of handwriting in the era when e-mails have replaced handwritten letters.

Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association is an American trade association that covers the industry of pen, pencil and highlighter manufacturers. WIMA created National Handwriting Day, celebrated on January 23, in conjunction with John Hancock's birthday. He is known as the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence and famous for his large and bold signature.

Calligraphy is the whole art of writing in China and Japan, where masters of handwriting are highly appreciated. Many other countries do not pay as much attention to calligraphy, but people with good handwriting are respected everywhere. National Handwriting Day is relevant for every country in the world and can be observed in many ways by everyone who wants to participate.

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