National Glazed Spiral Ham Day Date in the current year: April 15, 2024

National Glazed Spiral Ham Day Glazed ham is a common dish for Christmas and Thanksgiving. But there is no law that prohibits using ham for any other holiday. And today, on April 15, we celebrate National Glazed Spiral Ham Day to honor the best savory and hearty dish.

Hams are known in every country, and each has its own secret recipes. Glazed ham appeared in the USA during the 1940s, when a recipe of this dish was printed in one local newspaper. But the first cooked hams were in a single peace, not sliced, as today. And here the word “spiral” comes into play.

Harry J. Hoenselaar of Detroit, Michigan, invented in his basement a tool that allowed slicing glazed ham in spiral in 1957. Eventually he started his own store and company, HoneyBaked Ham, that was selling sliced ham. This company still exists and over 400 stores nationwide sells millions of glazed hams during the holiday season.

There are hundreds of recipes you can use to make glazed ham. Original recipes call for sugar and honey or orange juice. But you can also try any other glaze with mustard, fruit juice, maple syrup or ginger.

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