Washington's Birthday (Presidents Day) Date in the current year: February 19, 2018

Washington's Birthday (Presidents Day) Washington's Birthday is a federal holiday in the U.S., that falls on the third Monday of February. This holiday has got another colloquial name – Presidents Day.

Washington's Birthday is a day that commemorates the birthday of the first President of the USA. This day is a federal holiday in most states. Official celebration of the holiday depends on every state. For example, some states celebrate the birthday of Washington alone or in combination of Washington and Lincoln. There are also celebrations to honor Washington and Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the USA, but not Lincoln.

Presidents Day is not only an occasion to remember George Washington, but also all the presidents of the USA. In number of states this is an official holiday. Many schools close for a week to make a mid-winter recess, but most colleges and universities don't change their regular classes.

There is one interesting fact about Presidents Day. This holiday falls neither on actual Washington's nor on Lincoln's birthdays, although both of them were born in February.

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