Steak & BJ Day Date in the current year: March 14, 2023

Steak & BJ Day Steak & BJ Day (Steak and Blowjob Day, Steak and Knobber Day) is an unofficial satirical holiday celebrated a month after Valentine’s Day, on March 14. It was supposedly created in the United States and has been described as a male response to Valentine’s Day.

The person credited as the creator of Steak & BJ Day is radio DJ Tom Birdsey. He is said to have coined the term in 2002, during a snow on WFNX radio station in Boston, Massachusetts. On this day, women are allegedly supposed to cook (or order) a steak for, and give a blowjob to, a man in response to flowers, chocolate and postcards they received on Valentine’s Day.

However, there’s little evidence that Steak & BJ Day is observed in reality. It is rather an Internet meme than an actual holiday, and a quite offensive one at that. The observance has been described as anti-feminist and patriarchal. A lot of people are convinced that it is the embodiment of male privilege, whereas others think that it’s just a celebration of food and sex.

The British tabloid newspaper Metro suggested that women who think that Steak & BJ Day is sexist celebrate Chicken and Licking Day, a similar holiday especially for women, on March 15 or March 21. (If you ask us, both holidays actually sound awful.)

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