Sunniva Feast Day Date in the current year: July 8, 2024

Sunniva Feast Day July 8 is Sunniva Feast Day in Norway. Saint Sunniva is a patroness saint of Diocese of Bjørgvin, one of the dioceses, that make up the Church of Norway, as well as all of Western Norway.

The exact day of Sunniva's birth is unknown. According to a legend, she was the heir of an Irish kingdom, but she had to flee from a German king, who invaded Ireland and wanted to marry Sunniva. She and her followers settled at the island of Selja (present-day municipality of Selje) in Norway in one of the caves.

The locals found out about the foreigners and suspected them in steeling their sheep. The ruler Håkon Jarl was sent for Sunniva. She and her followers prayed that they wouldn't fall into the hand of heathens. As the legend says, the rocks of the cave fell down blocking the entrance and burring Sunniva and her followers alive.

Although Sunniva died, the following years different miracles were reported on the island. The body of Sunniva was excavated in 996 and it was allegedly intact. Her relics were transferred to Christ Church in Bergen, Norway.

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