National Higher Education Day in the United States Date in the current year: June 6, 2024

National Higher Education Day in the United States National Higher Education Day is observed annually on June 6. Its main objectives are to boost the accessibility of higher education in the United States and to prepare students for the challenges they might face so that they are ready to overcome them.

Higher education in the United States is expensive and its cost continues to rise every year, so a lot of potential college students see it as a luxury rather than something they’re entitled to. Many high school students don’t even bother applying to college because they don’t have the money and don’t want to end up with student loans.

In addition, quite a significant number of college students span style="font-weight:bold;">end up taking a break from school or dropping out altogether due to funding it hard to choose a major, being unprepared for the amount of course work, mental health struggles, difficulties in balancing school and a part time job, and financial difficulties.

According to statistics, less then a half of first-time college students in the United States finish their degree in six years. This number could be significantly higher if college students had proper guidance to help them overcome their difficulties. In addition, m

Being prepared for college significantly increases one’s chances of graduating with a degree and building a successful career or continuing academic pursuits. And by being prepared we mean being prepared in all areas of one’s life, not just the financial side of the matter.

It is important to help students figure out their educational goals (maybe not right away but sooner rather than later), prepare them for the amount of course work waiting ahead, help them learn how to balance different commitments and develop coping skills to prevent mental health struggles resulting from the stress of academic life and moving away from their families.

Izamar Olaguez launched National Higher Education Day in 2015 to promote college affordability and to inspire students of all ages not to give up and receive a higher education degree. Since its inception, the observance has been supported by various universities and political figures and has helped tens of thousands of students from all over the country to fulfill their dream of getting a college diploma.

National Higher Education Day events aim to educate students about financial aid opportunities, such as the FAFSA, helping them realize that higher education can be more affordable than they might think. The observance also aims to help students learn financial literacy, provide academic tools to help students prepare for the SAT/ACT, and assist students and their families in tackling some of higher education issues head-on.

You can join the celebration of National Higher Education Day by advocating for higher education and funding opportunities on social media with the hashtag #NationalHigherEducationDay. If you’ve already received your college degree, share your success story to encourage others to follow in your footsteps. You can also observe by donating to a scholarship program.

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