National Calzone Day Date in the current year: November 1, 2024

National Calzone Day November 1 is the perfect day for pizza because it is National Calzone Day. This informal food holiday celebrates a style of pizza that doesn’t always get the attention and appreciation that it deserves.

A calzone is basically a stuffed pizza; it is sometimes referred to as a folded pizza or a pizza turnover. Calzone originated in Naples some time during the 18th century. It is made with leavened dough and filled with various ingredients that are normally used as pizza toppings. Popular calzone fillings include ham or salami, various cheeses (mozzarella, Parmesan, pecorino, provolone, ricotta), and vegetables.

Calzone should not be confused with two similar dishes of Italian cuisine, panzerotti and stromboli. A stromboli is also a type of filled turnover, but it is typically rolled into a cylinder around the filling and often has a thin layer of tomato sauce on the inside, whereas a calzone is folded into a crescent shape and typically doesn’t contain tomato sauce. A panzerotto (plural panzerotti) resembles a small calzone, but it is usually fried rather than baked in the oven.

In Italy, sandwich-sized calzones are often sold by street vendors or lunch counters because they are a convenient street food option: a calzone is much easier to eat while standing or walking than a slice of regular pizza. Calzones are also a popular type of pizza for home delivery.

Calzones were brought to the United States by Italian immigrants. Calzones served in Italian-American restaurants are usually made from pizza dough, which consists of flour, yeast, water, olive oil, and salt. The dough is kneaded and rolled into discs, which are filled with various ingredients. Each disc is than folded in half, sealed using an egg mixture, and oven-baked or fried. In some restaurants, calzones can be topped with a sauce or a mixture of olive oil, parsley, and garlic before serving.

National Calzone Day was launched in 2016 by Minsky’s Pizza, a gourmet pizza restaurant chain with locations in Kansas and Missouri. The main goal of the holiday was to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Minsky’s Pizza (the first restaurant was founded in Kansas City in 1976) and their passion for delicious, handmade calzones with an assortment of fillings that will make you mouth water.

Since the inception of the holiday, many other pizza restaurants across the nation have joined the celebration. Every November 1, they offer discounts and promotions to make people fall in love with calzones. Don’t miss out on these offers: go out or order in and indulge in delicious pizza with your friends (because everything tastes better when shared with loved ones, and pizza in particular is meant to be shared).

You also can celebrate National Calzone Day by baking your own calzone, throwing a calzone party for your friends and family, or inviting your friends to join you for a pizza crawl to find the best calzone in town. And don’t forget to spread the word about the holiday on social media using the hashtag #NationalCalzoneDay.

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