National Dog Fighting Awareness Day Date in the current year: April 8, 2024

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day National Dog Fighting Awareness Day is observed annually on April 8. It was created to denounce the cruel practice of dog fighting and encourage people across the country to take action against illegal dog fighting rings.

Dog fighting is a type of blood sport where game and fighting dogs are made to fight, often to death, for the purposes of spectator entertainment and/or gambling. Its roots can be traced back to ancient Roman times. During the Roman conquest of Britain, Mastiffs fought alongside the Britons against the conquerors. The Romans were so impressed with the breed that they brought the English Mastiffs back to Rome and used them in Colosseum, where dogs were pitted against large animals and gladiators.

Later, fighting dogs were exported to various parts of Europe, and the blood sports of bull-baiting and bear-baiting became popular in many countries throughout the Middle Ages and the early modern period. When countries started prohibiting bear- and bull-baiting, dog fighters began to pit dogs against one another and breed dogs specifically for dog fighting.

European colonists brought fighting dogs to the New World. In the United States, dog fighting was a completely legal activity starting during the colonial period and continuing into the late 19th century. Organized dog fighting was a part of American culture and had the support of the United Kennel Club. The situation slowly began to change in the early 20th century.

In the 20th and 21th centuries, dog fighting has been outlawed in many countries due to its cruelty. It is illegal in all EU countries, North America, and most of South America. However, it is still practiced illegally in both urban and rural locations across the United States despite being classified as a felony. Moreover, underground dog fighting often has links to other criminal activities, including drug and weapon violations, and organized crime.

Dog fighting is widely regarded as one of the most serious forms of animal abuse, not just because of the injuries that the dogs sustain during fights, but because they often suffer their entire lives as most dog fighters believe that dogs become better, more aggressive fighters thanks to rough treatment. This is why it is so important to reveal little-known truths about this cruel sport and take a stand against underground dog fighting.

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day was launched in 2014 by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), a NYC-based non-profit organization that has been working to prevent animal cruelty since its inception in 1866. It is observed as part of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month to educate the general public about the blood sport of dog fighting, raise awareness of the prevalence of underground dog fighting in the United States, and encourage individuals and organizations across the nation to take action against dog fighting.

There are many ways to get involved with National Dog Fighting Awareness Day. You can educate yourself about dog fighting by reading on the subject or watching documentaries, participate in one of the events organized by the ASPCA or other animal welfare organization, donate to the ASPAC’s campaign against dog fighting, and spread the word on social media with the hashtag #NDFAD.

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