National Dessert Day Date in the current year: October 14, 2024

National Dessert Day Even if you try to avoid eating too much sugar, you can make an exception and indulge yourself on October 14 when the National Dessert Day is celebrated. This food holiday is the perfect excuse to eat a piece of cake, a sundae, a cupcake, or any other type of dessert you like.

A dessert is a typically sweet course concluding an evening meal. In ancient time, desserts were made mainly of fruit, nuts, and honey. Basically, primitive candies were the first desserts. In the Middle Ages, sugar began to be manufactured, and new types of dessert started to appear. After the Industrial Revolution, mass production of desserts became possible.

Dessert can come in variations of looks, textures, and flavors. Every national cuisine offers a wide variety of desserts including biscuits, cakes, candies, cookies, custards, doughnuts, ice creams and other frozen desserts, mousses, pastries, pies, puddings, soufflés, tarts, and even sweet soups. Most desserts contain sugar and/or other sweeteners. Dessert recipes also frequently include fruit due to its flavor and natural sweetness.

To celebrate the National Dessert Day, treat yourself to a delicious dessert. You can make it yourself, buy it the store or bakery, or go out to a restaurant or coffee house. Make sure to invite along your family and friends so you can buy several desserts and share them.

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