National Turkey Neck Soup Day Date in the current year: March 30, 2019

National Turkey Neck Soup Day March 30 is National Turkey Neck Soup Day. Although turkey neck is not the best part to be eaten, it's great for making a homemade stock.

Turkey neck is very lean and doesn't have much meat. But if you want to utilize your turkey totally, make soup of the neck. Start making it early in the morning, otherwise you won't have enough time to make a great stock.

The secret of flavorful turkey stock is in a long simmering. It makes meat incredibly tender. And if you add some vegetables, the stock will be even better. Make the best homemade turkey neck stock by adding onions, carrots and celery ribs. All vegetables should be cut into 1-inch pieces and simmered together with turkey for 2-3 hours. Strain your stock to discard all solids. Add some salt and pepper, then let stock cool. Once it's cooled, remove a layer of fat, that forms on the surface. Now you can make soup with this stock. Don't forget to add a bay leaf and other seasons to your taste. Be sure, that turkey soup will be the best dish for dinner!

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