National Petroleum Day Date in the current year: August 27, 2019

National Petroleum Day At the end of the summer Americans celebrate National Petroleum Day. This is a great day to take a cruise in a car and enjoy the progress and also the things that petroleum industry gives us.

Petroleum was discovered by Edwin L. Drake on August 27, 1858 in Titusville, Pennsylvania. He struck oil 70 feet beneath the surface in Titusville, thus launching the modern-day petroleum industry in the USA. This event is very important for the history of Titusville, because since the discovery of crude oil the region became prosperous.

Celebrate National Petroleum Day by going anywhere or think about the fact, that mankind is running out of the reserves of petroleum, and spend a day at home, saving fuel. You might be also interested to know some trivia about oil. Did you known, that one oil barrel is 672 household measuring cups? One barrel of crude oil produces 19 gallons of fuel, 10 gallons of diesel and other petroleum products, like crayons, ink, bubble gum, CDs, deodorant, rites and heart valves.

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