Giving Hearts Day Date in the current year: February 8, 2024

Giving Hearts Day Giving Hearts Day is an annual charitable campaign held on the second Thursday of February. It is observed around Valentine’s Day to encourage people to show affection to not just their loved ones but charities that are close to their hearts, too.

Charities are very important because they can change people’s lives and make our world a better place. Most charities are nonprofits, which means that they rely on donations to finance their operations. A charity may be funded by donations from individuals, foundations, corporations, and governments.

Sadly, many charities lack the skills to consistently raise funds for their important work, and you cannot continue with your mission if you lack money. This is why there are many awareness campaigns that aim to shine a spotlight on the many charities that needs support and help them find new donors. Giving Hearts Day is one of such campaigns.

Giving Hearts Day was launched in 2008 by Dakota Medical Foundation, Impact Foundation, and the Alex Stern Family Foundation. It was conceived as a 24-hour fundraiser for charities across North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. Since its inception, Giving Hearts Day has become one of the most successful and longest-running fundraising events in the United States; it is sometimes referred to as the “Super Bowl of giving” in the Upper Midwest.

Dakota Medical Foundation, the driving force behind Giving Hearts Day, is a healthcare charity, but the campaign is about supporting all kinds of causes: addiction recovery, animal welfare, art and culture, children and youth, civil rights, disability resources and services, disaster relief, domestic violence, education, environment, homelessness, hunger and poverty, LGBTQ+ issues, mental health, senior services, veteran support, women’s issues, and many others.

Everyone can participate in Giving Hearts Day by supporting any charity or charities they want. There are several ways to give back: you can donate money, volunteer, give new or used goods, and purchase gift cards. You can find more than 500 charities from North Dakota and northwest Minnesota that need your support on the Giving Hearts Day website or donate to your local charity or charities on your own. All money donated via the website go directly to the charities; there is a minimum donation amount of $10.

Other ways to get involved with Giving Hearts Day include organizing a fundraiser in your community to support a beloved local charity, hosting a food drive, wearing red to start conversations about Giving Hearts Day, and posting about the campaign on social media with the hashtag #GivingHeartsDay to spread the word and encourage others to participate.

Giving Hearts Day is also a great incentive to take a pledge to support charities all the year round. You don’t have to donate big sums or spend all of your free time volunteering; it is important to understand that every dollar and every hour of volunteering counts: even if you don’t have much to give, giving anything is better than giving nothing. Donating and volunteering are a great way to give back to your community and make it stronger.

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