National Heavenly Hash Day Date in the current year: February 2, 2024

National Heavenly Hash Day February 2 is a perfect day to celebrate National Heavenly Hash Day. Whatever comes to your mind, you're right! You have to celebrate the day of any Heavenly Hash dessert.

There are several desserts that are called Heavenly Hash. The traditional Southern dish is the fruit salad version. It's very easy to make. Mix together any fresh fruit you like (we suggest oranges, coconut, and pineapple chunks), then add marshmallows and sour cream. Stir your salad well and put it into fridge overnight. The next morning Heavenly Hash salad will be ready to serve. Fruit and sour cream acids will break down the marshmallows and make salad sweet.

There are also another Heavenly Hash desserts, that you can make to celebrate this holiday. This can be a chocolate candy, made of marshmallows, evaporated milk and chocolate chips, or a cookie version made of mini marshmallows, nuts, coconut in a chocolate cookie dough. Even if you think of an ice cream version of Heavenly Hash (chocolate ice cream with marshmallows, chopped nuts and chocolate chunks), this dessert is also perfect for this day.

Enjoy National Heavenly Hash Day with any dessert you prefer. You can use the ideas above or create something new.

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