National Chocolate Cake Day Date in the current year: January 27, 2019

National Chocolate Cake Day There is nothing better and tastier than a chocolate cake. So why don't you celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day on January 27?

Cakes existed for centuries in different countries and their shape and dough consistence were different. For example, ancient Greek cakes were flat and heavy and they were served with honey and nuts. Ancient Italian cakes remind cheesecake or pastry and they were made as an offering of sacrifice to gods. The Medieval English used words cake and bread to refer to anything that was made with flour dough.

Chocolate cake is a relatively young dessert. Originally usual cake with yellow or white dough covered with chocolate would be considered as a chocolate one. But baking techniques improved and chocolate cake became the dessert we know today.

Its easy to make a chocolate cake, if you've got cake mix. Just add water and you can bake cake and cover it with melted chocolate. It's simple and easy, that is why bake a cake for National Chocolate Cake Day. But if you want to taste something special, go to your local bakery and chose one of the German or French specialities, like German Chocolate, Black Forest, Lava or Ganache.

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