Tell a Fairy Tale Day Date in the current year: February 26, 2024

Tell a Fairy Tale Day Tell a Fairy Tale Day is an informal observance held on February 26. It provides a perfect opportunity to read fairy tales to your kinds and enjoy your favorite childhood tales yourself.

A fairy tale is a short story that typically features fantasy characters and magic. Fairy tales usually take place once upon a time and have a happy ending: evil characters are punished and good characters live happily ever after.

Fairy tale collections are usually the first books read by children (not counting alphabet books, of course). But children are introduced to fairy tales much earlier than they start to read, because fairy tales are the most common type of bedtime story.

Even if you don't have children or your kids are not around, you should not miss the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with fairy tales. It's perfectly okay to read fairy tale books alone. Make a cup of hot chocolate, curl up in a chair and immerse yourself in the world of princes and princesses, evil witches and beautiful fairies, dragons and unicorns, talking animals and magical plants.

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