National Chocolate Mousse Day Date in the current year: April 3, 2019

National Chocolate Mousse Day There is nothing sweeter and lighter than mousse. And if you add some chocolate, then you get a fabulous treat, that deserves its own day. Celebrate National Chocolate Mousse Day on April 3.

Chocolate mousse was a speciality in French restaurants during 1800s. Today you don't need to go to France, because chocolate mousse, as well as any other, can be found worldwide.

Did you know that mousse can have any kind of texture: from light and airy to creamy and thick? Everything depends on preparation techniques, but it doesn't matter which one you chose, your treat will have heavenly taste.

You can make your favorite chocolate mousse to celebrate the holiday. But if you're tired of simple mousse, use interesting ways of its presentation. You can serve it in martini glasses or in a stylish juice glass. And if you want to make mousse a part of multi-course dessert, then serve it in spoons or pass on a tray with coffee. You can chose any kind of presentation or make something new to celebrate National Chocolate Mousse Day.

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