National Pig Day Date in the current year: March 1, 2019

National Pig Day National Pig Day is held every year on March 1. This event celebrates the pig as one of the most important domesticated animals.

National Pig Day was created in 1972 by Mary Lynne Rave and Ellen Stanley. The holiday is celebrated throughout the United States, but it is most popular in the Midwest. On this day, numerous events are held at schools, zoos, nursing homes.

Different people have different views on how this holiday should be celebrated. Some think that National Pig Day is the perfect occasion to indulge oneself with pork delicacies and hold dinners on the occasion. Others are convinced that on this day pigs should be “given a break” and paid the respect they deserve. They can celebrate the holiday by reading Robert Newton Peck's A Day No Pigs Would Die or watching the 1995 movie Babe based on Dick King-Smith's book The Sheep-Pig.

Some localities and organizations have their own unique traditions of celebrating the holiday. For example, at the Tisch Children's Zoo located in Central Park, New York City it is typically celebrated with the help of zoo's pot-bellied pigs. The show featuring pigs demonstrates that these animals are in fact very intelligent and can be taught different tricks.

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