National Hazelnut Cake Day Date in the current year: June 1, 2024

National Hazelnut Cake Day June 1 is National Hazelnut Cake Day. Although hazelnuts give any cake perfect nutty flavor, these nuts are underestimated.

There are several kinds of hazelnut cakes you can make. Use hazelnuts in any form that you like. Add whole or chopped nuts to the batter or use grounded hazelnuts to substitute some part of flour. No matter what kind you prefer, the distinctive and rich nutty flavor is a winner.

Hazelnut flavor goes well with chocolate. This can explain the popularity of Nutella paste, that is perfect for morning sandwich. We recommend you combine hazelnut cake with chocolate frosting. This combination is very simple, but very rich in flavor.

Hazelnuts are commonly used in confectionery. Pralines, chocolate truffles and tortes are made with hazelnut paste and whole nuts. Hazelnut flavor goes well with coffee and to many the drink seems to be slightly sweetened.

Cadbury-Schweppes company in Australia imports over 2,000 tonnes of hazelnuts annually. The nuts are used for chocolate, but some amount undergoes pressure to produce strongly flavored hazelnut oil.

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