National Peanut Cluster Day Date in the current year: March 8, 2019

National Peanut Cluster Day Peanuts are the most favorite nuts in the USA, that can explain a wide variety of sweet peanut treats. March 8 is National Peanut Cluster Day, so we can find a perfect excuse to enjoy this candy.

Peanut cluster is a type of candy that is made of melted chocolate and peanuts. This is a perfect blend of a sweet chocolate and a slightly salted peanuts. There are also other types of clusters, that exist with peanuts. They can be made with caramel and butterscotch. And if you're tired of peanuts, then you can substitute them with other nuts. But these won't be peanut clusters, so they don't have anything to do with today's holiday.

There is no official documentation that could tell about the appearance of this sweet delight. But food historians believe that Americans began making peanut clusters after first chocolate tablets, pastilles and figures (as well as chocolate covered fruits and nuts) appeared in Belgium. By the way, the first peanut clusters were made without chocolate covering and nuts were held together with honey or caramel.

The first machine that could dip peanut clusters in chocolate was invented in 1930s by Elmo Lanzi. This machine automated the slow process of hand-enrobing and made chocolate covered peanut clusters a widespread delight.

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