National German Chocolate Cake Day Date in the current year: June 11, 2024

National German Chocolate Cake Day All chocolate lovers today have one more reason to indulge in their favorite treats. June 11 is National German Chocolate Cake Day!

You can find hundreds of recipes for chocolate cakes. Black forest is, perhaps, one of the world's best, but German chocolate cake is not less popular. But you might be surprised, if we tell you, that German chocolate cake actually doesn't come from Germany. It's connected to a product called German chocolate, that was invented by Sam German, an Englishman, who worked in the U.S. German chocolate cake was originally called Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate. Later “'s” was omitted, that added confusion with Germany.

If you want to bake German chocolate cake, enrich its batter with semi sweet chocolate, cocoa powder, coffee and vanilla extract. Use coconut-pecan frosting among the chocolate layers of the cake and decorate it with chocolate frosting atop. If you want, you may add some hard chocolate frosting on the sides. Original recipe doesn't contain it and it was added by some bakers.

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