National Molasses Bar Day Date in the current year: February 8, 2024

National Molasses Bar Day When did you appreciate the taste of molasses bar for the last time? It's time to remember and celebrate National Molasses Bar Day on February 8.

Molasses is a by-product during the refining of sugar cane. It is left after the sugar crystals are extracted. About 80% of world's molasses comes from sugar cane, and only 20% comes from sugar beets.

There are three kinds of molasses. Light molasses is produced during the first boiling of the cane. This product is sweet and it is used as a pancake syrup. Dark molasses is produced during the second boiling of the cane. It's darker, more flavorful and less sweet. Dark molasses is used for spice cookies and gingerbread. Blackstrap molasses comes from the third boiling. It is bitter and mainly used in mixed cattle feed and in the manufacture of alcohol.

Molasses has been used for food sweetening since the 1500s. Molasses is adored for distinctive taste, that is why it is one of the ingredient of different sauces, baked beans, cookies and even fruitcakes.

Grab the tasty and sweet molasses bar to celebrate National Molasses Bar Day together with your family and friends!

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