National Working Moms Day Date in the current year: March 12, 2024

National Working Moms Day National Working Moms Day is observed annually on March 12 to celebrate millions of women who work while raising their children. By the way, they include housewives and homemakers because the unpaid work of taking care of the household is still work.

Although gender equality is improving in most Western countries, mothers still tend to be the primary caregiver – on top of their jobs and other responsibilities. Working mothers face unique challenges when it comes to balancing work and home, especially in countries with a short maternity leave, and single working mothers have it even harder because they’re sole breadwinners in their households and don’t have a partner to share household chores and childcare with.

Working moms may be looked down upon by their coworkers who think that they women with kids are less focused on their job responsibilities than childless employees, as well as by some stay-at-home mothers who think that maternal employment is bad for children. In reality though, balancing motherhood and career is perfectly manageable, although it is no easy task.

National Working Moms Day was launched in 2020 by Working Moms of Milwaukee, a nonprofit organization that creates opportunities for working mothers in the state of Milwaukee to socialize, share experiences, and network. Its goal is to create a safe space where working moms can receive support from those who understand the struggles of juggling motherhood and career, as well as access services that can make their everyday lives a little easier.

National Working Moms Day celebrates all mothers who work, be it full-time or part time, inside the home or outside the home. It is a great opportunity for working moms of different professions and backgrounds to get together, celebrate their accomplishments, and share their experiences, useful life hacks, and resources.

How can you celebrate National Working Moms Day? If you’re a working mother, the holiday is a great occasion to take a little time for yourself because you surely deserve it. Take the day off if you can; if it is not possible, find someone to look after the kids for at least a couple of hours and spend this time doing something you love and taking care of yourself. If you can attend a National Working Moms Day event near you or even organize an event of your own, do it! Working mothers should stick together and support each other because they understand each other as no one else can.

If you’re not a working mom yourself, you can observe National Working Moms Day by showing your appreciation to all the working moms in your life. For example, you can support a local business owned and ran by a working mother, send cards to the working moms you know, etc. If you’re a business owner, you can launch an exclusive promotion for working mothers on March 12. And don’t forget to spread the word about the holiday on social media with the hashtags #NationalWorkingMomsDay and #WorkingMomsDay.

National Working Moms Day should not be confused with Working Mothers Day. The latter holiday is celebrated in May; it was created by Girl Scouts Heart of the South, a regional Girl Scouts council serving 59 counties in north Mississippi, west Tennessee and Crittenden County, Arkansas.

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