National Wine Day Date in the current year: May 25, 2024

National Wine Day May 25 is National Wine Day. Today you can enjoy a glass or two of your favorite wine. By the way, why don't you add a splash of wine to your meal?

Wine has been known for ages. Food historians could trace it back to 6000 BC and it was produced in Georgia. By 4500 BC wine reached Balkans and became popular among the ancient Romans and Greeks.

Wine played an important role in religion. Red wine was closely associated with blood in Ancient Egypt. The Greeks created a cult over wine and mysteries of Dionysus, god of grape harvest, wine making and wine. Judaism incorporated wine in Kiddush and Christianity in its Eucharist. Wine consumption is forbidden in Islam.

Did you know that the Germans discovered the oldest bottle of wine during excavations of two Roman stone sarcophaguses in 1867? That bottle of wine dates back to at least 325 AD. Today this bottle is exhibited at the History Museum of the Pfalz in Germany.

Find out if there are any wine activities at your local winery to celebrate the holiday. If there are no, then organize your own wine tasting party for your friends.

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