National Argyle Day Date in the current year: January 8, 2024

National Argyle Day January 8 is the perfect day to proudly wear argyle socks or your favorite argyle sweater vest because it is National Argyle Day. This informal holiday was created to celebrate a popular pattern that originated in Scotland.

Argyle (sometimes spelled argyll) is a pattern made of diamonds that usually incorporates an overlay of intercrossing diagonal lines on solid diamonds. Its name derives from the historic county of Argyll (archaically Argyle) in western Scotland. Argyll is the home county of Clan Campbell, one of the largest and most powerful Scottish clans, who used the pattern for their plaids and kilts. Scottish Highlanders wore argyle-patterned socks, known as “tartan hose”, as early as the 17th century.

Argyle became fashionable outside of Scotland – first in the rest of Great Britain and then in the US – in the early 20th century. It was popularized by the fashion brand Pringle of Scotland; according to the brand’s website, the iconic argyle design was developed in the 1920s.

The pattern’s association with Prince Edward (future King Edward VIII and, after his abdication, the Duke of Windsor), who liked argyle-patterned golf clothing like jerseys and socks, contributed to its newfound popularity. Another person credited with helping to popularize the argyle pattern is Payne Stewart, a decorated American professional golfer who was known for his distinctive fashionable attire, which included bright argyle socks that he wore with his knickerbockers (breeches).

Today, the argyle pattern is considered a classic and can be found on various types of clothes and accessories, although argyle socks, sweaters and sweater vests probably are the most popular among argyle-patterned clothing items. Argyle clothes are heavily associated with preppy fashion that originated in the United States but incorporates many aspects of British country attire (clothes worn by members of British upper classes while spending time in the countryside).

The bright, non-traditional interpretations of the argyle design have been used by various sports teams in their uniforms. And we’re not talking about golf! Curling, cycling, football (soccer), and basketball teams have worn uniforms incorporating the argyle pattern.

National Argyle Day was created by Keely McAleer in 2008. The best way to celebrate this amazing holiday is, of course, to wear an argyle sweater or sweater vest, dress, suit, hat, tie, socks… in short, any argyle-patterned item you can find in your wardrobe! You can wear a single argyle item as a subtle yet stylish fashion statement, or go full argyle – that’s up to you.

To make your celebration of National Argyle Day more interesting, you can throw a Scottish-themed party with an argyle dress code for your friends and family. Raise a glass of Scotch to all things argyle and sing Auld Lang Syne because why the hell not. Other ways to celebrate include buying an argyle blanket to brighten up your home and sharing your favorite argyle patterns on social media with the hashtags #NationalArgyleDay and #ArgyleDay to spread the word about the holiday.

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