National Bird Day in the USA Date in the current year: January 5, 2024

National Bird Day in the USA January 5 is National Bird Day in the USA that is observed by half a million adherents who watch and study birds.

Many American environmental organizations observe National Bird Day. They try to draw public and authority attention to conservation migratory birds, protection vanishing species, creation of appropriate environment.

Celebration of National Bird Day includes different activities that help people to learn birds better. Among these activities are bird drinking games and “bird date”. Well, any activity held at this day should be related to birds.

One of the most important activities is adoption of birds. Many birds enthusiasts celebrate this holiday by adopting birds and educating future bird owners the basic issues about taking care of birds that includes cleanups, varied diet, need for daily interaction, screaming and bites.

Another traditional activity of National Bird Day is the Free Bird Photo Contest. Every participant should make a photo of a bird in its natural habitat. The best photos win prizes.

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