National Cancer Survivors Day Date in the current year: June 4, 2023

National Cancer Survivors Day National Cancer Survivors Day is an annual observance held primarily in the United States on the first Sunday in June. It was inaugurated in November 1987 and has been observed each year ever since.

A cancer survivor is anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, from the moment of initial diagnosis until their death. This definition was given by the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS). Although different groups may use other definitions depending on their approach to the issue, the definition given by NCCS is considered the basic one.

National Cancer Survivors Day was established at the conference meeting of NCCS that took place in Albuquerke, New Mexico in November 1987. The first observance was held on June 5, 1998. This awareness day focuses on celebrating cancer survivors, inspiring those recently diagnosed with cancer, and supporting families of cancer patients.

National Cancer Survivors Day aims to demonstrate that life after having been diagnosed with cancer is a reality. Celebrations include various events organized by cancer societies, hospitals, cancel treatment centers, etc. Although the observance is mainly celebrated in the USA, its popularity has been growing in some other countries, too.

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