National Blond Brownie Day Date in the current year: January 22, 2019

National Blond Brownie Day January 22 is National Blond Brownie Day. Blondie is the classic butterscotch treat, that comes in different flavors.

What is blond brownie, you ask? This is a simple brownie, but it is made without cocoa powder, which is substituted with light brown sugar. The treat tastes great and it was all the rage in the mid of 1950s.

Blond brownies are the same as usual brownies. They are baked in a pan similar to brownies and cut into rectangular shape for serving. Blondies are often confused with white chocolate brownie, but they are totally different. Blondies do not contain chocolate flavoring or chocolate (with exception of chocolate chips, which are often added).

Blondies may contain different fillings that enrich their taste. For example, dark and white chocolate chops, nuts, coconut, toffee or any other chunky candy. All these fillings are added for texture. The most interesting and unusual blondie is strawberry one. It's blondie with peanut butter and a swirl of strawberry. It's like a basic sandwich with peanut butter and strawberry jelly turned into brownie.

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