National Latino AIDS Awareness Day Date in the current year: October 15, 2017

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day The threat of HIV/AIDS is paid much attention to in all countries around the world and National AIDS Days exist everywhere. The government of the USA is aware of the problem of spreading HIV/AIDS among Latino people living on the territory of the USA and its unincorporated territories, that's why it established National Latino AIDS Awareness Day, that is observed every year on October 15.

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (or El Dia Nacional de Concientizacion Latina del SIDA in Spanish) was created by the Latino Commission on AIDS and the Hispanic Federation in 2003. The main objective of this observance is raising public awareness of HIV/AIDS of Hispanic/Latino population of the USA.

The observance is coordinated by the National Planning Committee and it supplies all organizations that hold the event with useful kits, materials and advice. Every local organization is responsible for its own events and activities, that are tailored to their particular needs of community. The local events and activities organized may vary from celebrations and cultural events to attempts to educate the community leaders and public officials about the importance of preventive activities and testing.

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