National Blueberry Pancake Day Date in the current year: January 28, 2019

National Blueberry Pancake Day There is something special about blueberry pancakes, which are perfect for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Enjoy your favorite pancakes on National Blueberry Pancake Day, that falls on January 28.

The first pancakes were very simple, there were no flavors or special toppings. But today everything can be added to pancake batter, to make your dish taste better.

Pancakes became popular in Europe during Catholicism. It was prohibited to eat eggs and fat during Lent, and as far as pancakes consisted only of milk and flour, they became very popular. During the Medieval era pancakes became a traditional dish on Shrove Tuesday and remain so to this day.

Despite first pancakes were made in Europe, blueberry pancakes are truly American dish. It's very simple to make blueberry pancakes. You can add some berries to batter and then fry it, but your pancakes will become blueish, that is not looking good, and blueberries won't preserve their taste. Instead of that try adding some fresh blueberries to pancake, before you flip it.

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