National Nude Day in the USA Date in the current year: July 14, 2019

National Nude Day in the USA July 14 is National Nude Day in the USA. This unofficial holiday has been celebrated annually since 1976.

American nudists and naturists regard this day as a great opportunity to encourage “the beginners” and help them to overcome shyness. Did you know, that nudism and naturism are two different terms? Most nudist want to feel comfortable without tight clothes, and naturist follow the idea of being as close to nature as possible. Their philosophy is living in harmony with the nature, and nakedness is the sign of respect to nature, themselves and people.

Everyone has his or her own idea of celebration National Nude Day. You can go to nudist beach (and it's a great way to keep cool on a hot summer day) or invite your friends over a party at the pool on your backyard. You even can surprise your spouse by opening the front door naked, but you have to be sure that it's he or she is standing in front of it. You can chose any way to celebrate the holiday, but be sure that no one regards it as the breach of peace.

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