National Water Balloon Day Date in the current year: August 2, 2024

National Water Balloon Day The first Friday of August is the perfect day for a pool party because it is National Water Balloon Day. Founded by the Newmarket Recreation Department of Newmarket, New Hampshire in 2019, the holiday has since spread across the country.

Water balloons are just what the name suggests: balloons filled with water. They are also called water bombs because of how they burst when thrown at somebody or something. Water balloons are used in play fights that help cool off during summer, as well as during various celebrations and carnivals.

Water balloons are typically almost identical to gas balloons, but there are a couple of differences. Water balloons are much smaller when filled with water than water-filled air balloons (like a baseball versus a basketball). This makes them easier to handle and safer because a basketball-sized air balloon full of water may seriously hurt someone. 

There is also a difference in the thickness of the balloon walls. The walls of a water balloon are thick enough to hold water but thin enough to burst when thrown at a person or an object. The walls of air balloons are not designed with this criterion in mind.

Finally, water balloons are made from latex, which is a biodegradable material that decomposes in time. It means that even if you leave a couple of burst water balloons behind after a water balloon fight, their environmental impact would be low. Most air balloons are also made from latex, but it is not always the case. Some are made from a polyester film that decomposes extremely slowly and pollutes the environment.

Water balloon fights are a safe and family-friendly activity that can be enjoyed by everyone, as long as you set some ground rules such as: never throw a water balloon at a person’s face, never throw a water balloon at someone unless they have a balloon of their own in hand, and never throw water balloons at breakable objects.

Water balloon fights are such a popular pastime that Guinness World Records even has a record category for the largest water balloon fight. As of 2022, the record was held by the Christian Student Fellowship at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. The fight took place on August 27, 2011. It involved 8,957 participants who used 175,141 water balloons. They broke their own record the next year with 11,622 participants and 236,484 balloons, but it wasn’t registered with Guinness World Records.

The Town of Newmarket’s Recreation Department launched National Water Balloon Day as a fun way to cool down in hot summer weather. The best way to celebrate the holiday is, of course, to invite your friends and family for an epic water balloon battle in your backyard, near a pool, at the beach, or wherever you can do it safely.

If you don’t want to fight, you can play one of the many fun games that involve water balloons such as water balloon toss, water balloon kryptonite (hot potato but played with a water balloon), relay races with water balloons, or Simon Says with water balloons. And don’t forget to clean up after your water balloon party and spread the word about this amazing holiday on social media with the hashtag #NationalWaterBalloonDay.

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