National Bow Tie Day Date in the current year: August 28, 2019

National Bow Tie Day Neckties are great, but bow ties are even better! People, who adore bow ties, annually celebrate National Bow Tie Day on August 28. Today all men should pay tribute to this extremely important part of men's fashion.

The first bow ties appeared in the early 17th century in France. The French soldiers brought the cravats to their homeland after the end of the Thirty Years War. The design was created on the basis of the Croatian soldiers' necktie, the kept their collars of the shirts together. The bow ties became an instant hit in 1886, when a tobacco magnate Pierre Lorillard wore one with his new style of formal wear to the Tuxedo Club. His black-and-white outlook became very popular among fashion enthusiasts. Since then bow ties don't lose their popularity. Fashion designers draw men's attention to this simple and elegant accessory and emphasize its importance for creation of a stylish look. Grab your favorite type of a bow tie (self-tie, pre-tied or a clip-on) and wear it to celebrate National Bow Tie Day.Remind me with Google Calendar


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