National Amaretto Day Date in the current year: April 19, 2019

National Amaretto Day April 19 is National Amaretto Day. This Italian liquor became popular around the world and you can find different recipes of desserts, dishes and beverages containing amaretto.

Amaretto originated in Italy and food historians traced it back to the 16th century. A legend says, that Bernadino Luini, an Italian painter, traveled to Saronno in Northern Italy, where he met a widow. He was impressed by her beauty, that is why asked her to be the model for one of his paintings. The woman was so much thankful that decided to express her gratitude with a special beverage. She presented Luini with the first amaretto drink.

The name “amaretto” in Italian means “slightly bitter” and it refers to the aftertaste of this drink. It is loved for its distinctive almond flavor, which comes from apricot kernels, burnt sugar and spices. Almonds are also used for amaretto and they come together with apricot pits and even without them.

If you want to celebrate National Amaretto Day, you can start your day adding a bit of amaretto to your morning coffee. You can look for different desserts or other dishes, containing amaretto, to make for dinner.

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