National Bomb Pop Day Date in the current year: June 27, 2024

National Bomb Pop Day National Bomb Pop Day is observed on the last Thursday of June to celebrate an iconic ice pop brand that has been around for over six decades.

An ice pop is a frozen treat on a stick made by freezing flavored liquid (typically sugar water or fruit juice). Unlike most other frozen desserts, which are whipped during freezing to prevent the formation of ice crystals, an ice pop is essentially a block of sweet ice. Popular ice pop brands include Popsicle (its name has even become a genericized trademark in English), Otter Pops, and Bomb Pop.

The Bomb Pop is a brand of ice pop owned and produced by Wells Enterprises. The original flavor Bomb Pop is easily recognizable due to consisting of three differently colored parts (blue, white and red), each with its own flavor.

The Bomb Pop was originally produced by Merritt Foods, a company based in Kansas City, Missouri. The confection was invented by James S. Merritt and D. S. Abernathy on July 30, 1955. It happened during the first decade of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, backed by their respective allies, so Merritt and Abernathy’s invention was meant to reflect the patriotic zeitgeist of the era.

The ice pop was shaped like a six-finned bomb (hence the name Bomb Pop), and its color scheme was reminiscent of the American flag. The Bomb Pop also resembled a star-shaped firework rocket, which made it a great treat for Independence Day celebrations.

Merrit Foods closed down in 1991, and the business, including the Bomb Pop Brand, was bought by Wells’ Dairy. Following the acquisition, the production was moved to Le Mars, Iowa. As of 2022, Wells Enterprises produces two versions of the original Bomb Pop flavor (cherry + lime + blue raspberry) — regular and sugar-free — and seven other flavors called mashups:

  • Banana Fudge
  • Crush (Crush soda flavors: grape + strawberry + orange)
  • Hawaiian Punch (Hawaiian Punch flavors: Fruit Juicy Red + Green Berry Rush + Ocean Orange)
  • Jolly Rancher (Jolly Rancher hard candy flavors: watermelon + lemon + green apple)
  • Nerds (Nerds candy flavors: strawberry + watermelon + grape)
  • Warheads (Warheads sour candy flavors: black cherry + green apple + blue raspberry)
  • Watermelon (with a lime rind and candy seeds for the perfect watermelon impression)

Discontinued Bomb Pop flavors include Fruit Bomb, Tongue Splashers, Sour Pour, Extra Sour Tear Jerkers, and Lemonade. In 2003, Wells Enterprises collaborated with The Walt Disney Company and released Buzz Lightyear Bomb Pops that were sold in Disney’s theme parks.

Wells Enterprises launched National Bomb Pop Day in 2005 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the confection. The holiday has been celebrated every last Thursday of June ever since. To participate in the celebration, treat yourself to a Bomb Pop or two and don’t forget to spread the word about the holiday on social media with the hashtag #NationalBombPopDay. National Bomb Pop Day is the perfect occasion to invite your friends over for an impromptu tasting and rank all Bomb Pop flavors.

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