National Chocolate Fondue Day Date in the current year: February 5, 2024

National Chocolate Fondue Day Chocolate fondue is one of the best desserts for a party because it is a delicious and engaging experience. Celebrate National Chocolate Fondue Day on February 5 by inviting your friends over to dip fruit, cookies and marshmallows into melted chocolate.

The original fondue is a melted cheese dish that originated in Switzerland as a way to use and serve hardened cheese. The word “fondue” is derived from the French verb “fondre” that means “to melt”, which is the best way to describe the process of turning hard cheese into a viscous substance you can dip bread into.

The first known cheese fondue recipe dates back to 1875. Back then it was already presented as a Swiss national dish. Chocolate fondue was invented much later; in the mid-1960s, Swiss restaurateur Konrad Egli began to serve chocolate fondue at his restaurant to promote Tobleron chocolate.

Chocolate fondue is a great centerpiece for a dinner party. Its rich and exquisite taste appeals to children and adults alike. Foods that can be dipped into melted chocolate include fruit and berries (for example, strawberries, grapes, banana slices, mandarin wedges), pastries (cookies, pretzels, sponge cake cubes), Rice Krispies Treats, marshmallows, etc.

The secret of a good chocolate fondue is, of course, its ingredients. For the best flavor and texture, use high quality baking chocolate because it is supposed to melt well. Some people add a little rum or kirshwasser into melted chocolate for a little more flavor.

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