National Margarita Day Date in the current year: February 22, 2019

National Margarita Day Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in the USA. Let's celebrate National Margarita Day that falls on February 22.

There are many claims about invention of margarita. The very first mention of this cocktail belongs to barman “Willie” from Mexico City. He said that he had made the first Margarita cocktail for his friend Marguerite Hemery in 1934.

Another story of Margarita's invention goes to 1938 and Carlos “Danny” Herrera, who made the drink at his restaurant in Tijuana. He made the drink for Marjorie King, a customer, who was allergic to any kind of strong alcohol except tequila. But she didn't like the sour taste of cocktail.

There is one more story about the invention of Margarita, that is considered as the most believable. Socialite Margarita Dallas and her Husband Bill Dallas served a drink to guests and referred to it as “Margarita's Drink”. The drink was appreciated and guests spread its recipe. Among their guests were hoteliers and restaurant owners, who later served the drink in their hotels and restaurants.

Although we don't know for sure the origin of margarita, this drink will go down in history as one of the most popular cocktails of all time. Celebrate National Margarita Day with a glass of homemade margarita.

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