National Advent Calendar Day Date in the current year: November 6, 2024

National Advent Calendar Day Kick off the Christmas season by purchasing an Advent calendar on the first Wednesday of November – National Advent Calendar Day. Advent calendars are one of the best ways to spread holiday cheer as you count down days to Christmas.

Advent is the period of preparation for Christmas observed by most Christian denominations. In most Western churches, it begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, which always falls between November 27 and December 3, and ends on Christmas Eve.

Keeping an Advent calendar is one of the most popular practices associated with the Advent season. The Advent calendar originated in 19th-century Germany, where Lutherans used it to count the days of Advent. Early Advent calendars typically featured the nativity scene or Saint Nicholas. Since the 19th century, Advent calendars have spread to other denominations.

A typical Advent calendar is a large rectangular card or box with “doors”, one for each day of the Advent season. Behind each door, there is an image, a portion of a Biblical story, a Bible verse or a prayer, a poem, or a small gift, such as a chocolate candy or a toy. Advent calendars usually start from the first Sunday of Advent or December 1 and end with Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Reusable Advent calendars start on December 1, since the first Sunday of Advent falls on a different date each year.

Today, Advent calendars are used even by people who do not observe Advent as a liturgical season. They are a fun way to build up anticipation and excitement for Christmas while getting a small gift every day. Advent calendars were commercialized some time in the mid-20th century; the first businesses that started producing Advent calendars to promote their products were confectionery companies.

Modern Advent calendars come with all kind of gifts inside: toys, collectibles, puzzles and games, jewelry, beauty and makeup products, perfumes, socks, scented candles, chocolates, candies, cookies, wine, beer, spirits, liqueurs, cheese, coffee, tea, and even hot sauce! Any small gift you can come up with probably can be used in an Advent calendar. There are even Advent calendars for pets, containing toys and treats for our furry companions. To put it short, there is a perfect Advent calendar out there for everyone.

National Advent Calendar Day was launched in 2020 by Aldi, an international discount supermarket chain based in Germany. Aldi begins the sale of its Advent calendars on the first Wednesday of November, kicking off the holiday season, so it just made sense to declare the day National Advent Calendar Day to promote Advent calendars and boost sales.

Of course, the best way to celebrate National Advent Calendar Day is to purchase Advent calendars for yourself, your family and friends. These don’t have to be Aldi calendars; there are a lot of Advent calendar brands out there, plus a lot of businesses release Advent calendars to promote their products during the Christmas season. You also can make a personalized calendar for your spouse, child or friend; it is a great gift that shows that your care.

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