National Banana Bread Day Date in the current year: February 23, 2019

National Banana Bread Day February 23 is a great day to indulge with banana bread. If you haven't baked it for ages, it's time to do it and celebrate National Banana Bread Day.

The first bananas appeared in the USA in 1870s and they quickly became one of the most popular fruits on the market. Not long after bananas appeared in different desserts, including banana bread.

The first printed recipe of banana bread dates back to the time of Great Depression. It is believed that resourceful housewives started using overripe bananas in pastry instead of throwing them away. Today food historians think that it's exactly the time when banana bread recipe appeared.

Did you know that bananas grow not on a tree? Actually bananas tree considered as giant herbs, that are not trees at all. By the way, banana is the only one fruit that can be harvested every day of the year. Bananas don't grow in regions with dramatic season changes.

Dig out your old banana bread recipe and bake it to share with your family and friends on this day! And if you want to, add some unusual ingredients, like berries, nuts or chocolate chips to your banana bread.

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