National Boston Cream Pie Day Date in the current year: October 23, 2024

National Boston Cream Pie Day National Boston Cream Pie Day is annually observed on October 23. It is dedicated to a delicious dessert which is more a cake than a pie, despite its name.

Boston cream pie was invented by Armenian-French chef Sanzian at Boston's Parker House Hotel in 1856. The cake was originally named Parker House Chocolate Cream Pie.

It is a sponge cake filled with vanilla flavored crème pâtissière or custard and frosted with chocolate glaze. Sometimes it is also sprinkled with powdered sugar or decorated with maraschino cherries. It was declared as the official dessert of Massachusetts in 1996.

There are a variety of Boston cream pie inspired pastries which are easier to cook such as Boston cream pie cupcakes. They are filled with vanilla custard or cream and topped with chocolate ganache, just like the full blown version of the cake, but are much smaller.

Another miniature version of the famous cake is Boston cream doughnut. It is a Berliner (a round doughnut with no central hole made from sweet yeast dough) filled with creamy vanilla flavored custard and topped with chocolate icing. It was designated the official doughnut of Massachusetts in 2003.

To celebrate National Boston Cream Pie Day, indulge yourself with a slice of cake, doughnut, or cupcake.

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