National Fast Food Day Date in the current year: November 16, 2019

National Fast Food Day November 16 is the perfect day to indulge yourself with your favorite kind of fast food because the National Fast Food Day is celebrated on this date.

The concept of ready-cooked food for sale is really ancient, but fast food in its modern form was first popularized in the mid-20th century in the USA. The term “fast food” refers to the food that is prepared and served very quickly. It is usually sold in fast food restaurants, drive-in and drive-through restaurants, kiosks, or stands.

Historically, every country has its own popular kinds of fast food that reflect the local cuisine. For example, fish and chips are a British favorite. Hamburgers are very popular in the United States. The noodle soup is a fixture of East Asian countries, and falafel served in a pita is popular in the Middle East.

Some fast food types have become popular almost all over the world due to migration. Common examples are pizza, sushi, and kebab. Many fast food chains have gone global. For instance, McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, and Subway have outlets in dozens of countries.

To celebrate the National Fast Food Day, you can go out to your favorite fast food restaurant or order take-out. Just don't go overboard, because too much fast food might cause digestive disorders.

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