National Publicist Day Date in the current year: October 30, 2024

National Publicist Day National Publicist Day is celebrated annually on October 30. It was created to recognize publicists across the nation and highlight the work they do.

Publicists are public relation specialists who generate and manage publicity for public figures, especially celebrities, or creative works such as books, movies, or albums. Their main role is to get good press coverage for their clients in various media (newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, social media, radio, television). Publicists write and send press releases, communicate with journalists, arrange interviews, photo shoots and talk show appearances, schedule press tours, attend and organize events, control negative stories, dispel rumors and fake news, and more.

Most top-level publicists who work with celebrities are self-employed and handle multiple clients. Unlike agents or managers who usually take a percentage of their client’s gross income, publicists tend to charge a monthly fee for their services. In publishing, publicists typically work for publishing houses and are assigned to specific authors or even specific books.

Most publicists are highly skilled writers with a college degree in communications, public relations, or journalism. A typical publicist starts their career as an intern at a PR firm and works their way up. It is important to note that simply being a good writer and communicator is not enough to be a good publicist; one of the most important professional qualities for any publicist is being able to handle stress and stay level-headed in times of crisis.

National Publicist Day was launched in 2015 by Jordanna Stephen, the owner of the New York-based PR firm Just Good PR, who realized that hardworking publicists didn’t have a national day of their own. Stephen chose the date of October 30 for National Publicist Day because of its significance for PR professionals. On this day in 1906, The New York Times printed what is now regarded as the world’s first press release in the wake of the Atlantic City train wreck.

On October 28, 1906, an electric train fell off a bridge in Atlantic City, New Jersey, resulting in 53 deaths. Publicity expert Ivy Lee convinced the Pennsylvania Railroad to make a public statement and disclose information about the accident to reporters before they could hear it elsewhere. He documented the accident, provided information to fellow journalists, and wrote an honest and accurate report that was published by The New York Times two days later. This report is considered to be the first press release, and Lee is regarded as the father of modern public relations.

If you’re a publicist, National Publicist Day is your day to shine! Celebrate it by going out for drinks with fellow publicists, promoting your work on social media with the hashtag #NationalPublicistDay, or even hosting an event for PR professionals in your area. If you have a publicist, let them know you appreciate them and give them a shout-out on social media. And if you’ve been thinking about a career in PR, it is a perfect day to learn more about what exactly publicists do and figure out whether the profession might be a good fit for you.

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