National Bagel and Lox Day Date in the current year: February 9, 2019

National Bagel and Lox Day February 9 is National Bagel and Lox Day. Although you can think that this is an American dish, it has got Jewish roots.

The word “bagel” is often thought to have derived from the word “buckle”, because bread reminds its shape. But actually it derives from Yiddish “beygl” that means ring or hole.

Bagel is an iconic Jewish bread. It originated in Poland in the early 17th century. The original bagels were made of wheat flour and topped with poppy seeds. They were easy and fast to be baked, that is why Jewish families ate them on Saturday evenings at the conclusion of Sabbath. Bagels are very soft inside while retain crispy interior. This is achieved by boiling before baking the dough.

Adding lox atop of the bagel is an American invention. Salted salmon became one of the most popular fillings for sandwiches in the mid of 1800s, when the transcontinental railroad began shipping barrels of salmon to the East Coast.

Traditional bagel and lox is made with cream cheese, onions and smoked salmon. You can also make sandwich with tomatoes, cucumbers, capers and scrambled eggs. Whatever you chose, your bagel and lox will taste great.

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