National Candy Corn Day Date in the current year: October 30, 2024

National Candy Corn Day The National Candy Corn Day is dedicated to a candy popular primarily around Halloween, that's why it is celebrated on October 30.

Candy corn was created in the late 19th century in Philadelphia. It was originally called “Chicken Feed”. It was later renamed to “Candy Corn” because the three colors of the candy mimic the appearance of corn kernels. Candy corn has a pointed white tip, a tapered orange center, and a broad yellow end.

The original candy corn recipe included sugar, corn syrup, palm wax, fondant, and marshmallows. Nowadays this candy is made primarily from sugar, corn syrup, confectioners wax, artificial binders and coloring.

There are candy corn variations suited to different holidays. For example, Indian corn is available around Thanksgiving. It has a chocolate brown end instead of a yellow one. The Christmas variant typically has a green center and a red end, it is sometimes called reindeer corn. The Valentine's Day variant known as cupid corn has a pink center and a red end.

To celebrate the National Candy Corn Day, indulge yourself with this tasty candy. But don't eat all the candies you've bought, be sure to save some so that you have something to give trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

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