National Get on the Scales Day Date in the current year: December 29, 2024

National Get on the Scales Day National Get on the Scales Day is celebrated annually on December 29. It was created to raise awareness of the problem of holiday overeating and weight gain during the holiday season.

The holiday season is a time of festive family meals, and the foods served during the Christmas holidays are the ultimate comfort foods for many of us, so it is not surprising that even those who usually try to eat as healthy as possible during the year may overindulge a little (or even a lot!).

Studies have shown that people can consume approximately 7,000 calories on Christmas Day alone (the recommended daily calorie intake ranges from 1,600 to 3,000 for adults) and gain roughly 6 lbs between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. Overindulging during Christmas meals not only makes you gain weight and causes digestive problems; it may also make you feel more lethargic and unable to enjoy the festivities.

The history of National Get on the Scales Day is unclear, but the holiday seems to have originated in the United Kingdom around 2017 and then spread to the United States. There is nothing unclear about its purpose though; National Get on the Scales Day is meant to raise awareness of the dangers of overeating and encourage people to live healthier.

Stepping on the scales after the Christmas holidays may seem like a daunting task, but we recommend that you do it for your own good. Remember that you don’t have to lose the extra pounds all at once; in fact, you shouldn’t do it because rapid weight loss is unhealthy. What you should do is take a moment to think about your eating habits and promise yourself to indulge in your favorite dishes in moderation on New Year’s Eve.

Let us offer you a few tips on how to enjoy your holiday meals without overeating.

  • Don’t skip meas to “make room” for the holiday dinner. Fasting before dinner is likely to make you eat much more than you originally intended to when you finally do eat. Make sure to eat breakfast and lunch like you normally would or at least have a snack before dinner.
  • Take small bites, chew thoroughly, and eat slowly. Savoring your food will help you enjoy your holiday meal more and it is good for your health.
  • Remember that drinks also have calories. If you don’t want to consume extra calories during dinner, cut down on sugary drinks and alcohol, and drink water instead.
  • Listen to your body and stop eating when you’re starting to feel full, even if there is still food on your plate. According to research, it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to realize that your stomach is full, so it’s better to stop eating earlier than later.
  • Make sure there are different food groups on your plate. Look, we know that roasted meat and potatoes are delicious, but please eat some veggies and whole grains too if possible.
  • Don’t focus on the food. Festive meals are an important part of the holiday season, but they are just an excuse to get together with the people we love. Don’t focus on the food; focus on the people around you and take time to make conversation. It will help you eat less and enjoy the evening more.
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