National Smoothie Day Date in the current year: June 21, 2024

National Smoothie Day If you’re a fan of smoothies, do not miss your chance to celebrate National Smoothie Day on June 21. The origin of this unofficial food day is unclear, but it is not surprising that it is celebrated in summer, when fresh fruit and vegetables used to make smoothies are widely available.

smoothie is a thick, creamy drink made by pureeing various ingredients in a blender. It commonly consists of a liquid base, fruit and/or vegetables, ingredients that boost nutritional value (for example, protein powder, various nuts, seeds and grains, nut butters), and sometimes various spices to add flavor.

Beverages that resemble smoothies exist in Indian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. For example, lassi is an Indian yogurt-based drink that consists of dahi (traditional fermented milk product that closely resembles yogurt), water, various spices and herbs for flavor, and sometimes fruit. It can be salty or sweet.

The history of modern smoothies is closely tied to the invention of the electric blender in the 1920s by Stephen Poplawski, a Polish-American chemist and entrepreneur. West Coast health food stores began to use Poplawski’s invention to make and sell drinks that are now known as smoothies in the 1930s.

The actual term “smoothie”, however, emerged later. In the 1960s, soda jerk Steve Kunhau began experimenting with alternatives to traditional milkshakes intended for people who, like him, were lactose intolerant. He used fruit juices, vegetables and protein powder to make milk-free shakes that turned out quite a success. In 1973, Kunhau founded Smoothie King that paved the way for other smoothie companies such as Jamba Juice.

There are a lot of various kinds of smoothies: some are heavy on fruits and vegetables, some are higher on calories and intended to be a meal replacement, and some are sweet and sugary. The liquid base of a smoothie can consist of fruit juice, yogurt, regular or non-dairy milk, ice cream, or even crushed ice. Fruits and/or vegetables are added to the liquid base and then blended together to create a thick drink.

Some smoothies contain protein powder in addition to the liquid base, fruits and vegetables. Protein smoothies are usually consumed by those who want or need to increase their protein intake. Protein powder provides sustenance, while fruits and vegetables help conceal its chalky taste.

Green smoothies are another popular type of smoothie. Typically half of a green smoothie is green vegetables (broccoli, celery, collard greens, kale, parsley, spinach, swiss chard) that are high in various nutrients and the other half is mostly fruit and other sweet ingredients that help balance out the bitterness of raw green vegetables.

There are many ways to observe National Smoothie Day. You can hit your favorite smoothie bar, experiment with smoothie flavors and flavor combinations at home, try out new ingredients, or invite your friends over to swap smoothie recipes. And don’t forget to snap a photo of your smoothie and share it on social media with the hashtag #NationalSmoothieDay to spread the word about this amazing summer holiday.

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